Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges

New Great Smoky Mountains National Park Fly Sets:

We have added two new "Perfect Fly" sets specifically for Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. We have been hesitant to do this because of the many different
species of aquatic insects that are in the park's streams but we have come up with a
good solution to help get anyone started using the best flies and the best way to go
about selecting them..

I doubt there are many streams in the United states with a larger diversity of aquatic
insects. The problem is many of the insects exist in relatively low quantities. We
didn't include flies for those. This isn't to say you may not need some we eliminated.
It's just a way to get started fishing the Smokies the right way. If we had a fly set that
had all of the flies you could possible need for the Smokies, it would be double the
size of the sets we came up with.

For our "Best" fly set, I just selected the flies that are most important and the ones
that hatch in larger quantities throughout the year. The "Spring and Summer" set
eliminates the flies that are important during the Fall and Winter when far fewer
anglers fish the Smokies.
The fly sets let you save on the cost of the flies and
prevents you from having to order specific flies for the various hatches
This should help those that are not all that familiar with the different insects in the
Smokies. As noted below, we will even label them for you if you desire.

The fly patterns consist of two each of the most important flies you can have for the
Smokies. That gives anyone the opportunity to try them and get started out the best
way to approach fishing the streams of the Smokies.

We have several options for you. You can select more than two of any one fly, and
less of another one as long as they are in the same quantities. You can state which
changes you want in the area of the order that allows you to add notes, or you can
just call us
Toll Free at 800 - 594-4726 and tell us what you want changed. Some
flies are $1.95 each and some $2.25 each, but we will swap them out as if they were
the same price. In other words, you can change any of the $1.95 flies for $2.25 flies
if you desire or visa versa..

The "Best" Smoky Fly Selection will save you $36.50 over purchasing the flies
individually. The "Spring and Summer" Fly Selection will save you $14.60. As
always, shipping is free.

We have another option that goes for any fly order. If you are just learning the
aquatic insects and think you many have a problem identifying them when the flies
arrive, we will note which is which by placing them on a foam board and labeling
each of them. Again, just make a note of that on the order in the "notes" area, call
us and let us know. We want you to learn to identify the flies as to the insects they

Best Smoky Fly Set

Spring and Summer Smoky Fly Set

Copyright 2010 James Marsh