Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Great Autumn Brown Caddisfly
4.    Midges

New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guides
I still have not been able to get around to doing stream guides on over a hundred
trout streams that Angie and I have fished during the past twelve years. If you read
this daily article, you are aware I have done several of them within the past month or
two. That's really because of the increased website activity we have been receiving
during the past few months on our Perfect Fly website. I finally woke up to the fact
our 'Your Streams' section of the site was gaining traffic to the website from search
engines in a rapidly increasing amount. It has grown to a huge size.

The entire Perfect Fly website is only two years old. It was first released in October
of 2008, but as with all new websites, it was only partially complete at the time. It
usually takes at least a year to get the site recognized with important key words from
the search engines. Naturally, any anglers preference is their own local streams, or
at least those near them. Of course, you also have those that want to search for the
Blue Ribbon fishing destinations across the country.

Whatever the reason, the traffic we are receiving on the Perfect Fly site has
exceeded all of our other websites which are much older and large, busy websites.
This site, which is ranked number one on most all the important key words for fly
fishing Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and our fly fishing Yellowstone
National Park, which is ranked anywhere from first to fourth on the most important
search engine key words for fly fishing Yellowstone, have both been passed by a
huge amount by the traffic on our Perfect Fly site. Our studies show that this is the
results of the information we have on the many streams across the country. It also
means I will be putting a priority on completing these streams.

Many of our images (pictures) shown on the stream section came from converting
video to still images. Thanks to some help from those who have contributed images,
we have been able to just put generic images of trout on many of the streams. This
reduces the time it takes to do the stream section considerably. It's a long, drawn
out process to find the video footage on a certain stream and convert it over to
photoshop to make still images, even though we have an excellent digital tape
logging system. The problem is, we have approximately twenty-five hundred hours
of video footage on fly fishing and aquatic insects. We have over 30 hours of
finished, edited footage in our Fly Fishing DVD programs and plenty that hasn't
been edited.

Recently, I started writing some about the new streams on the Perfect Fly site near
the Smokies and first focused on the state of Georgia. Following that, I began to
receive several email request for North Carolina Streams. I followed though on that
only to notice I had not done stream sections on several streams in Tennessee that
we had fished. So, I followed through on those. Can you guess what email began to
follow that? Yes, the regular website readers we have from Virginia wanted to know
why they were left out. In addition, we had two emails regarding South Carolina
streams, four regarding Kentucky streams and a few more that's getting a long way
from the Smokies. At some point I will have to say no more are being mentioned on
this site and get back to strictly Smoky Mountain fly fishing. Some of you may
welcome that. I will also mention, it's our intentions to add lakes that hold trout and
smallmouth bass streams across the nation. Eventually, I will get to hundreds of
saltwater fly fishing destinations. I only have about thirty years of fishing saltwater
destinations over much of the World, most of which is on video tape. The majority of
it wasn't fly fishing. I also have 46 instructional DVDs on saltwater fishing. My rough
footage video of years of that could be digitally converted to destination images. I
have caught sailfish on the fly, along with dolphin and other offshore species that I
can convert to images in addition to some of the inshore species. I have a
considerable amount of fly fishing footage taken on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of
Florida and several days of fly fishing in the Florida Keys.

In other words, I'll be dead long before I finish this project, but hopefully, with help
from others, Angie will be able to continue it.

New Perfect Fly Stream Section on Stewart's Creek Virginia
Probably most of you have not heard of this stream. It's actually not all that far from
the Smokies and certainly not far from northeastern Tennessee . It's fairly close to
northwestern North Carolina. Stewart's Creek is basically a brook trout stream. The
best thing about it is the way it is managed. Its "catch and release, single hook,
lures/flies" only.

Check out
Stewart's Creek Virginia

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