Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Great Autumn Brown Caddisfly
4.    Midges

Current Stream and Weather Condition in Great Smoky Mountain
National Park
I hope everyone had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving Day. It was a good one
for us except I didn't get to be with my family as I usually do. Angie's mother is with
us and Angie has been fighting the flu but was some better yesterday. As a result, I
refused to let her cook the normal dinner she cooks and instead, let Kroger do the
cooking for us. I did get in about an hour of fishing on the Little Pigeon River and
was able to hook and release five rainbows, one of which was over ten inches and
fat as it could be.

As I am writing this, early Friday morning, it is raining hard and steady outside my
home near the spur in Pigeon Forge. The forecast calls for rain all day, ending
sometimes tomorrow. The National Weather Service and AccuWeather disagree as
to exactly when it will stop and neither is reported an estimated amount that I can  
find. We will just have to wait and see if it's enough to blow the streams out. It will be
very cold following the passage of the front. It is forecast to go down to 25 degrees
in Gatlinburg tonight. Saturday, it should reach a high of 50 degrees and down to
25 again Saturday night. In other words, it's going to be cold. Maybe that will keep
some of the anglers that are continuing to bother the spawning brown trout at home
in front of a fire, but I doubt it.

New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guide on the Duck River Tailwater in
Just so I can finish up the new "Perfect Fly" streams in Tennessee, I will link the
Duck River Tailwater, which is located n South Central Tennessee near the Elk
River Tailwater.
Check out the Duck River Tailwater

My Auburn Story:
Today is a big day for me and thousands of other Auburn fans. Okay, I guess it's
also a big day for the grieving Alabama fans. I have been an Auburn Football Fan
my entire life. For several years I belonged to the Auburn Athletic Association and
purchased ten tickets to every Auburn game each year. In 1972, I had several large
commercial construction projects going and over 300 employees. One of them was
David Langner, a little scrappy Auburn player that enjoyed beating up on larger
football players. He worked for my construction company during the summer of 1972
on an addition I was building to Vestavia Country Club. A few days before the
Auburn Alabama Game that year, I told David that if they beat Alabama, I would buy
the entire Auburn team all the food they could eat and all they could drink at
Altadena Valley Country Club. I did so thinking win or lose, that would be about the
last place they would want to go after the game.

The Club rented a bus for the club members to travel to the game held at the Iron
Bowl in Birmingham. The game turned out to be
one of the most famous football
games in history.
Alabama was 10-0 for the season and Auburn 8 - 1. Auburn was
a 16 point underdog. With less than 10 minutes left in the game, Alabama led 16 to
0. Just under 10 minutes to go, Auburn kicked a field goal, making it 16 - 3.
Alabama didn't make a first down and had to punt. Greg Gantt's punt was blocked
by Auburn's Bill Neuton and the ball went into the arms of David Langner, who made
a 25 yard run to score. The score was then 16 - 10. In a few minutes, the same
thing happened. Alabama had to punt, Gantt's punt was blocked by Neuton again
and into the hands of David it went. David scored another touchdown making the
score tied at 16 - 16. With seconds to go, Auburn's little Gardner Jett kicked the
extra point making the final score Auburn 17, Alabama 16. It destroyed Bear
Bryant's chances for a National Championship. I was one more proud and happy

Hours later, I was sitting at Altadena Country Club with some friends talking about
the game. In the front door walked David Langer. After the hugging and hand
shaking, David ask if I was serious about the players coming to the club. Of course, I
said yes. He didn't mention they were outside the front door and minutes later
returned with about half of the entire Auburn football team including the two other
stars of the game, Neuton and Jett. I would be very embarrassed to say (and really
don't remember the exact figure) what my club bill ran. I will say, the club ran out of
drinks and food and had to borrow more from Vestavia Country Club because it was
late and the stores were closed. No, this isn't the end of the story.

My wife's 19 year old sister was living with us at the time. Neuton fell in love with her
at first sight and wanted to go home with us. I spent the rest of the night sleeping in
the hall, blocking the big tackle's (Neuton) approach to Jean's bedroom. He woke up
on the couch the next morning with a good feeling about the game but a bad feeling
from the party.

Greg Gantt, the Alabama kicker went on to play pro football for the New York Jets.
He even broke some pro punting records at the time. Later, he and I became good
friends. One day I asked Greg if he had ever met David Langer, who scored the two
touchdowns from his two blocked punts. He hadn't, so I set up a meeting with the
three of us at a restraunt/bar in Hoover, outside of  Birmingham. After a few beers
and some football stories, the still lingering competitiveness came out of both of
them. If it had not of been for Harold Deason, the owner of the place, I would have
not been able to keep them from having a big fight. The meeting didn't turn out
exactly the way I wanted it too but my memories of the famous game and its famous
players will never die.

Can anyone guess what I will be doing today? War Eagle!
I just hope the revenge doesn't come in today's game.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh