Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Great Autumn Brown Caddisfly
4.    Midges

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Tying Perfect Mayfly Nymphs is a fly tying DVD
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the size and type. In addition to the DVD, you will
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provides samples of the flies you are learning
to tie and we sure don't know of any that teaches
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New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guide on North and South Indian Creeks in
The North Indian Creek flows through the Limestone Cove area near Unicoi. As
mentioned in the article, this could very well be the finest trout stream in Tennessee
if the stream didn't flow through so much private property directly exposed to the
summer sunshine. The streams pH level is high and more typical of a limestone
spring creek than a freestone stream. Trout can and do reproduce in the stream
and there are some that make it each year out of those stocked in the stream. The
problem is much of the stream gets too warm in the heat of the Summer for the trout
to survive. Only a small amount of shade is provided by trees and bushes along the
stream. Even so, it is still a good stream to toss a fly on.

South Indian Creek is quite different. It begins in the mountains from several small
streams but flows mostly through open farmland directly exposed to the sun in many
places. It also flows right beside highway #19 which makes sure it isn't going to get
much relief from the sun's rays. It too, seems to have a good pH level that isn't very
typical of the normal freestone mountain streams in eastern Tennessee. The state
solved some of the access problems with this one. On the Rocky Fork, one of its
tributaries, they leased land to provide several access areas along to the stream.

Check out the North and South Indian Creeks in Tennessee

New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guide on the Elk River Tailwater in
Years ago, during my bass tournament days, the Elk River was one of my favorite
smallmouth bass streams. I won a bass tournament on the Tennessee River in
North Alabama by running up the Elk River and catching smallmouth when everyone
was having trouble catching the larger, largemouth bass. Today, smallmouth bass
will begin to show up not far below the Tims Ford Dam. It is still probably better
known for its smallmouth bass fishing than trout.

Check out the Elk River Tailwater

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