Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Great Autumn Brown Caddisfly
4.    Midges

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New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guide on Citico Creek Tennessee
We couldn't do an article on the Tellico River without doing one on the waters of
Citico Creek. The first time I ever saw this stream, Angie and I were following my
brother and another gentlemen who were showing us how to leave the Tellico River
via the North River, onto the Cherohala Skyway and down Citico Creek. We stopped
along a pretty large pool and watched Denny pull out his spinning outfit and catch
three rainbow trout on a spinning lure. Angie cast a few times with her fly rod and
picked up another one while Claude and I watched. This couldn't have taken over
fifteen minutes at the most. Quite frankly, that made my not want to fish the stream.
There were bait fisherman all up and down the stream using everything from corn to
fried green tomatoes.

Three or so years after that, Angie and I were returning from the North River the
same way and stopped on an upper part of Citico Creek to fish. We caught some
rainbows and one brown trout. We have yet to catch a wild trout, but I have had
several highly knowledgeable anglers tell me there are plenty in the tributaries and
even in the main river. The gentleman with my brother, who had fished the Tellico
River for many years, told of several large brown trout he and friends had caught
over the years. I don't have a lot of specific information on where and how to fish the
stream to offer due to our very limited experience, but I think Citico Creek certainly
deserves mentioning. It seems that some anglers like the stream and others
wouldn't fish it at all. You will have to judge that yourself.

Check out Citico Creek

New "Perfect Fly" Stream Guide on the Fort Patrick Henry Tailwater
Just in case some of you may not have been very interested in Citico Creek, I
though I would toss this new "Perfect Fly" stream section in for good measure. "How
many tailwater trout streams are there on the South Holston River", would be a good
pop quiz question. I'll bet many of you would miss the correct answer even though
the question gives as good tip there's more than one.

The South Holston River Tailwater #2, or the Little South Holston Tailwater or
whatever you want to call it - most anglers call it the Fort Patrick Henry Tailwater
- is
another section of the South Holston River that's below a TVA dam. It is within a
30-06 riffle shot of I-81 yet most anglers are not aware it even exist.

Again, I can't offer much specific information but you may want to consider stopping
by the next time you pass by the highway #36 exit to Kingsport off I-81.

Check out Fort Patrick Henry Tailwater on the South Holston River

Copyright 2010 James Marsh