Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
3.    Slate Drakes
4.    Needle Stoneflies
5.    Little Yellow Quills
6.    Ants
7.    Inchworms
8.    Beetles
9.    Grasshoppers
10.  Craneflies
11.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)

Fly Fishing the Chestatee River Basin In Georgia

The upper Chestatee River is a major tributary to the Chattahoochee River in North
Georgia. The stream is near Dahlonega Georgia. Its headwater tributaries contains
wild and native brook trout but none of the water is on public property. Some of the
streams, Dicks Creek, Waters Creek and Boggs Creek are within the  Chestatee
Wildlife Management Area.
The first area we will mention is "Frog Hollow", a
section of the Chestatee River that is privately owned and managed as trophy trout
water. This stream has some huge trout but a daily (or half day) fee is required
which includes a guide. One of the guide services in Georgia Fly Fishing.  Steve
Lamb (The Lambster) is the owner and one of the four Georgia Fly Guides that
provided these images of a Frog Hollow trout.  

Frog Hollow section Chestatee River.
Prime season is from now to early

For cold & warm water fly fishing see  
www.georgiaflyguide.com  For a Guide trip for
trophy trout at Frog Hollow call the Lambster @ 678-986 0703. Steve may not
appreciate me doing this but I would like to mention that he and his wife lost their
house to a fire not long ago, including everything in it. I would appreciate anything
that anyone could do to help his business. He has thirty-five years of experience
and is a well qualified guide.

Dicks Creek:
Dicks Creek lies in the Chestatee River Watershed. It has both public and private
property sections. It's stocked by the state of Georgia but it also has a healthy
population of wild trout, especially in the upper sections of the river. Most of the
stocked trout exist on the lower section of the stream and near roads. A little hiking
will get you away from the stockers and into the wild trout areas of the stream.
Cascades and waterfalls also separate the stocked area from its upper sections.
There's a campsite and picnic area on the stream. The name "Waters Creek
Campground" is a little confusing because it's located on the banks of Dicks Creek.
Fly fishing Dicks Creek can be fun and challenging if you get away from the easily
accessed areas of the stream..

Waters Creek:
Waters Creek, a tributary to Dicks Creek, is one of the better trout streams in the
state of Georgia according to many. The stream is managed by Georgia Wildlife
Resources and the USDA Forest Service. These trout receive supplemental feeding
similar to Dukes Creek I recently wrote about. Waters Creek flows through the
Chestatee Wildlife Management Area of north Georgia. Otters, tornadoes and
poaching is blamed for reducing the once very high population of trophy trout.
Today, it contains less of the trophy size trout than it did in the past but it's still
considered one of Georgia's best trout streams. This stream is located about
seventeen miles from Dahlonega Georgia.  Waters Creek Trail follows the stream.
Fly fishing Waters Creek can also produce some large trout. Some of them probably
come from its tributary Dicks Creek.

Waters Creek and its tributaries are open during the trout season on Wednesday,
Saturday, and Sunday only between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. EST. Artificial lures
and flies with a single barbless hook no larger than a #6 must be used.
Only one
lure or fly can be used at a time. You cannot possess lures or flies that do
not meet these criteria while in the area.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh