Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (See Below)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Little Yellow Quills
7.    Ants
8.    Inchworms
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Hellgrammite
12.  Craneflies
13.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)

IFTD Show, Denver, CO:
The IFTD show (International Fly Tackle Dealer Show) is underway in Denver. This
show's purpose is for manufacturers to show off their new 2011 product to dealers.
Like most any trade show, this one paints the same picture over and over each year
using slightly different colors. Like most any other manufacturers, when the number
of sales of a particular fly fishing product begins to fall off, fly fishing product
manufacturers create a new product to replace it. This is rarely because the new
product is any better. Most of the time it's because the guys that are potential
customers already have the product it is intended to replace.

3M has a new fly line - the Mastery Textured Series. I guess most everyone but me
has purchased a Shark Skin fly line. I cast my first one just two weeks ago. My friend
had purchased one and I was giving him some pointers on casting using his rod.
For the first time, I got to actually feel the roughness of the line. I could see why
some complained about it roughing up their hands. I doubt anyone has filed a law
suit against them to recoup any medical expenses, but the problem must be serious
enough, or I meant, a good enough reason, to come up with a new fly line.
Apparently, the new "textured series" isn't quite so rough. Its dimples are more like
those on a golf ball. So, if you are tired of your fingers and hands getting roughed
up by Shark Skin attached to a hard fighting tarpon, another hundred bucks will
solve the problem. You can go with the dimples. Smile!

Now, there's is a simple solution to the fly line problem. Purchase one of Rio's new
"Avid" series fly lines. It features their famous Super Slick coating. So, if you don't
like the dimples, go super slick. Oh, I forgot. It's also a more "affordable" fly line for
those who can't afford their other fly lines. It really doesn't have anything to do with
all the other super slick fly lines on the market for about fifteen bucks, like those you
see in Walmart or on Ebay. I haven't seen anything released on it yet, but I feel sure
Rio will also introduce at least a hundred more types of fly fishing leaders. A carp
leader isn't good enough. You need a Asian Carp leader.  Never-the-less, when it
comes to new fly lines, you can go "Super Dimples" or "Super Slick".

Sage announces a new fly rod series. By the way,
do you know why it's always a
"Series" of fly rods?
That provides a much better chance of getting one of the
rods in the series right. Throw your old fly rods away because they claim their new
TXL-F fly rod series makes all their old Sage Rods obsolete. I'll get the details for
you soon, meantime, you can just go ahead and trash your old ones. On second
thought, I suggest you break them. You can get a new one for about $50 under
their warranty program. You could then give it to some of the poorer fly guys.

Simms is paying anyone $50.00 just to go to a fly shop. The trick is you have to
carry your old stinking waders, the ones with all the patches on them, and turn them
in to the fly shop. I wouldn't suggest the fly shops give those to the poor. They may
be spreading the horrible rock snot Simm's new boots completely eliminates. Almost
forgot that you also have to buy a new pair of Simms waders. I have to do that every
year anyway, so I'll be 50 bucks better off I guess. If I didn't, I would look like my
waders were made from Dolly Pardon's Coat of Many Colors.

I almost forgot. The World's best
fly reel company, or at least they claim it (was)
(is), Hardy of the USA, has not one, but two new SERIES of fly rods that are
HIGH-TECH fly rods.

Meantime, I'm sure Sage, the World's best fly rod company, or at least they claim it
(is) (was), is coming out with some more new
HIGH-TECH fly reels.

Now I'm getting confused. So, there we have the most of the show in one quick
down and dirty James Marsh press release. Meantime be thinking "Superb Five",
"Superb Five", "Superb Five".
What is a Superb Five?

Copyright 2010 James Marsh