Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (See Below)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Little Yellow Stoneflies - Summer Stones
4.    Slate Drakes
5.    Needle Stoneflies
6.    Little Yellow Quills
7.    Ants
8.    Inchworms
9.    Beetles
10.  Grasshoppers
11.  Hellgrammite
12.  Craneflies
13.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)

Back To The Basics - Strategies:
We are leaving a quick link to Friday's article since it deals directly with fishing
the Smokies through this holiday weekend or Sept. 6th.

AFFTA puts on the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show Sept. 9
through 11.
The fly fishing industry is getting another test soon. It will be interesting to see just
what the turnout will be at
International Fly Tackle Dealer Show at the Colorado
Convention Center in Denver . I know several fly shop owners that won't be
attending. I don't have any idea how many manufacturers will be exhibiting. I cannot
find a list of them although one may exist.

The only thing I know that will possibly affect us is that Anglers Book Supply, who
distributes our Fly Fishing DVD, will have a booth at the show. The sells of our DVD
to fly shops and other similar retail outfits have declined over the past couple of
years about the same percentage as the number of fly shops have declined. Even
so, the overall sells of our DVD has increased thanks to the World Wide Web.

We visited this show a  couple of years ago and decided not to involve our Perfect
Fly Company. We were not impressed. For the sake of the fly fishing industry and
and AFFTA, I hope that this years show turns out better.

I do know one thing.
Perfect Fly will be introducing the absolute best five
weight fly rod ever made
this coming February and it will not be shown at this
show. Neither will it be handled exclusively through fly shop dealers. It will be
available directly from Perfect Fly, the manufacturer, to the angler. We can't wait.

We will be introducing the new
Perfect Fly "Superb Five" in the near future.
Copyright 2010 James Marsh