Hatches Made Easy:

Cream Cahill (Maccaffertium species) - Fly Pattern Colors


Hook: 12-16
Thread: Brown
Weight: Lead or Lead Substitute                        
Tails: Dark Amber
Abdomen: Brown
Thorax: Dark Brown
Wing Case:  Dark Brown
Legs:  Pale Amber

Hook: 12-16
Thread:  Brown
Tails: Dark Amber
Unfolding Wings: Pale Gray back over body
Abdomen:  Brown
Thorax:  Dark Brown
Legs: Pale Amber

TS Emerger:
Hook:  12-16
Thread: Cream
Tail (T.S.) Tan  
Body: Creamy White
Thorax: Brown
Wings: Gray
Legs: Cream

Hook: 12-16
Thread: Cream
Tail: Pale Tan
Body: Creamy White
Thorax: Lt. Brown
Wings: Pale Gray
Hackle: Cream

Hook: 12-16
Thread: Dark Brown
Tail: Cream
Abdomen: Cream
Thorax: Creamy Yellow        
Wings: White
Wing Case: Creamy Yellow
Hackle: Tan

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