Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Short Horned Sedges
3.    American March Browns
4.    Cinnamon Sedges (Caddisflies) (Abrams Creek)
5.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
6.    Little Sister Caddisflies (Abrams Creek)
7.    Eastern Pale Evening Duns
8.    Sulphurs
9.    Little Yellow Stoneflies -Yellow Sallies
10.  Slate Drakes
11.  Giant Stoneflies
12.  Light Cahills
13.  Little Green Stoneflies
14.  Golden Stoneflies
15.  Ants
16.  Inchworms
17.  Beetles
18.  Grasshoppers
19.  Hellgrammite
20.  Cranefly
21.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)

Golden Stonefly - Adults
You are not going to find adult Golden Stoneflies covering the water on any stream
in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Even so, they still offer the opportunity to
catch trout that are feeding on the large female egg layers. It's also one of the few
stoneflies that you may find depositing their eggs during the daylight hours. You
want find any of the Giant Stoneflies doing that in the park.

Like most stoneflies, the adult Golden Stoneflies don't get in the water until the
female deposits her eggs. The males don't get in the water at all unless they
accidentally fall or get blown in the water by strong winds.
They hatch out of the
water and they mate and die out of the water.

If you do find a few females dipping down to the surface of the water depositing
their eggs, you certainly should try an imitation of them. Trout will definitely eat the
egg laying females and it doesn't take many of them for the trout to focus on them.
Most likely you would encounter this activity very late in the afternoon. If clouds
have covered the sun for some time, they may begin the egg laying activity earlier in
the day.

The key is to watch the water for stoneflies that are depositing their eggs. That is
exactly where you want to fish. They are large enough that they are very easy to
spot. If you don't see any activity, don't waste time fishing an imitation of the adult.

They deposit their eggs in the same water they hatch from. That's the faster water,
usually riffles and runs. They are not found in slow moving, smooth water of pools.
Our "Perfect Fly" Golden Stonefly Adult. This fly comes in hook sizes 10 and 12.
The plastic legs and antennae bend easily. The body of the fly is made of foam so
it will float high in fast, rough surface water.
New "Perfect Fly" Stream section on Pennsylvania's Spring Creek:
Please check out the new four page section on Spring Creek in our Perfect Fly
website. This is a great stream to fish for wild, stream-bred brown trout. It is a
spring creek but it has varied types of water - even fast water riffles, runs and
pools in places as well as the typical smooth spring creek type of flows.
Gulf of Oil Report:
There's appears to be some progress being made towards slowing the flow of oil
into the Gulf's waters. Lets hope and pray that is correct.

Our President is very upset at BP for spending 50 million
(that's an M) bucks on
ads to try to convince the American public they are lovable, honest folks. BUT,
and there is always a BUT, it seems to be
a case of the Pot calling the Kettle
Mr. Obama just authorized an expenditure of the tax payers money to the
tune of 1.7 Billion (
that's a B)  bucks to try and convince the 68% of our
population that wants to appeal his "Obama Health Care Plan"
that his
program is a great thing for us.

This has already passed Congress. Is this money being spent because he is
worried that he may not be around for a second term? I'm just asking.
Why do
we need convincing what is already law is a good thing?

Since we really don't have the cash, lets see if can figure out how my grandkids
can help pay the
13 trillion dollars (that's a T) of existing national debt (mostly
owed to China) back.
Lets try paying a million dollars an hour. How long
would it take? Just 1,024 years, not counting the interest. That can't be
right, can it?
There is one thing for certain about this. It looks as if we all are
going to need some kind of health care for certain, most likely,
mental health