Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Short Horned Sedges
3.    American March Browns
4.    Cinnamon Sedges (Caddisflies) (Abrams Creek)
5.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
6.    Little Sister Caddisflies (Abrams Creek)
7.    Eastern Pale Evening Duns
8.    Sulphurs
9.    Little Yellow Stoneflies -Yellow Sallies
10.  Eastern Green Drakes (Abrams Creek)
11.  Giant Stoneflies
12.  Light Cahills
13.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
14.  Midges

Gulf of Oil - Latest
I cannot manage to stop writing about the Gulf of Oil any longer. I had high hopes
for a few days that the latest technique, or top kill approach would stop the leak but
of course, it didn't. In reality, I was far over optimistic. Recent reports are revealing
the real problem.
BP is coming up with one lie after another, trying to keep
down the public outrage.

Investigations over what caused the problem, the rig exploding and deceased
workers, reveals that BP took many short cuts to save cost that lead to the disaster.
Even their own engineers reported there were numerous problems and problems
that could lead to exactly what happened.

BP makes a big deal out of the amount of money they have spent so far attempting
to stop the leak and clean up the mess. Facts are,
they have made more profit
in just ten days of the month of May than they have spent on this entire
Even though they know the only probable cure for this is relief wells, they
started out by drilling only one, knowing such wells often fail to accomplish what they
are intended to do. The White House only recently, made them start a second well
as a backup. Even with the World's greatest environmental disaster staring them in
the face, they have continued to cut corners and skimp on what should be done to
correct it.
It's a crime in my opinion.

I don't know the overall effects of such a huge company going out of business. I
don't know the consequences of its affect on the price of gas, for example, but I will
put it this way. Although I wouldn't create the problem for any other person,
I am
personally willing to spend an extra dollar a gallon for gas for the rest of my
life if it would help put BP out of business.
They have damaged and are
ripping off this nation to the extent it has never before been done before in the
history of this country.

Although it is still murky, the reports are coming out that the
government officials
who were supposed to be watching out for our interest, were not doing
their job
and were far too relaxed on procedures that should have been done.
That shouldn't surprise anyone. That's what my father, a construction
superintendent for almost his entire life called
"Close enough for Government
He built the NASA Test Tower for the Redstone Rocket, a historic structure
and engineering accomplishment. It worked great and didn't fail, however. The
bottom line to it all, is that it is very clear that everyone involved that had the
authority to do something about the safety of the operation, didn't do their jobs.

What I have been writing about for days now is finally beginning to get some press.
It's the "what you don't know want hurt you" tragedy that is happening to
the waters out of sight of the beaches.
Oil has spread throughout much of the
entire Gulf of Mexico out of sight even from an overhead view. Millions upon millions
of species of sea life are being killed.

As I have tried to point out with my poor writing skills, the true effects of the damage
is unknown but it's far, far beyond what most everyone is conceiving it to be. So far
the problem is perceived to be jobs, loss of tourist income, commercial fishing and
seafood interest and other dollar related issues that have caught everyone's
attention. Only when the oil reached the coast and covered birds with oil, did the
average person begin to wake up to the damage. What they are not able to see is
the damage to the entire Gulf of Mexico, and in the near future, the Atlantic Ocean.

Already an area the size of two or three states have been damaged to the point it
will take many years to recover.
Already, millions, upon millions of fish and
other sea life have been killed.
Even Worse, is the realization that the damage
has just started.
Not only is the oil still gushing into the waters, the areas it has
already covered offshore cannot be cleaned up or corrected. Only time will
do that. It is beyond man's capability to do anything about it.

Please accept my layman way of putting it, but you cannot just kill a huge hunk of
the World's food chain and expect it not to have severe consequences on many
things including things beyond our imagination. It will have a ripple effect wherever
there's water and air.

In God's World, everything depends on something else. Everything has a
place and a good reason for being there and that includes everything in the seas of
the World that covers two-thirds of the earth. For just a tiny example not even close
to being directly comparable,
you cannot cut down the trees in the Great
Smoky Mountains for lumber without it having the effects we have
experienced the last few years on the things that live there.
You cannot fill a
Gulf with oil that doesn't belong there without effecting many other things, things
even the scientist may not even be aware of.

New "Perfect Fly" White Minnow Saltwater Streamer Fly:
Another new saltwater fly I developed is the "White Minnow". It imitates a
Scaled Sardine (Harengula Jaguana). These baitfish are called White Minnows and
Whitebaits. They are popular on the Gulf of Mexico's West Coastline where many
gamefish feed on them but the fish is native to the Western Atlantic Ocean all the
way down to Brazil.

Check them out.
"Perfect Fly" White Minnow