Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Short Horned Sedges
3.    American March Browns
4.    Cinnamon Sedges (Caddisflies) (Abrams Creek)
5.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
6.    Little Sister Caddisflies (Abrams Creek)
7.    Eastern Pale Evening Duns
8.    Sulphurs
9.    Little Yellow Stoneflies -Yellow Sallies
10.  Eastern Green Drakes (Abrams Creek)
11.  Giant Stoneflies
12.  Light Cahills
13.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
14.  Midges

Eastern Pale Evening Dun
The Eastern Pale Evening duns rarely stay on the surface of the water very long.
Their wings dry fast and they depart the water very quickly.  Again, remember these
mayflies hatch in calm to moderately flowing water, not fast water. They usually
hatch near the ends of the runs or riffles. Often the water is almost smooth or slick
and the trout feeding on them get a good look at your fly if you put it in the right

The hatch normally only last an hour or two at the most. If it is cloudy it usually
last longer.

Fish the "Perfect Fly" Eastern Pale Evening Dun in the slow to moderately moving
water where they hatch.  An upstream presentation is usually best if the surface of
the water is broken. Your will probably want to use it if you can get the fly to the
trout without spooking the them. The presentation depends on the type of water
(smooth or broken surface) in the particular stream you are fishing.

You should approach smooth water conditions using a down and across
presentation. Usually, a light, long leader and tippet is required. We recommend
leaders from ten to twelve feet in length and of size 5X to 6X.

Gulf of Oil - BP Admits they Have (lied) Underestimated the Amount of Oil
BP is treating the American public like they are complete idiots and apparently, the
White House folks are going along with them. Yesterday, BP admitted the extent of
the oil leaking into the Gulf was more than they have reported the last 31 days since
the leak began. The problem is, they refuse to say just how much more than the
200,000 plus gallons a day is leaking. Some scientist say from 6 to 16 times the
amount reported.

Come to find out, as I should have known, the U. S. Government has plenty of
expertise and equipment to determine the extent of the leak but their excuse has
been -
and get a load of this - BP won't let them go down and video or try to
determine the extent of oil being discharged into the Gulf. What? Are we supposed
to be stupid enough to think British Petroleum can tell the U. S. Government what
they can and cannot do?

I know they kiss the you know what of every foreign country leader; let Iran continue
on a clear path to destroying us; and spend my grand kid's future income by making
loans from China to expand Government control of everything; but I didn't know an
oil company could tell they couldn't first hand observe the oil leaking into the Gulf.

It is my understanding, and I hope this is wrong info, that the Coast Guard is telling
photographers taking pictures of the oil along the marshlands of the Louisiana
Coast to stop. The reason, it isn't in compliance with BP's rules?

i did hear Bobby Jindal, the Republican Louisiana Governor, state that he had to be
careful in dealing with BP. He wants them to pay the expense of constructing a 6
foot bank around the coast line to prevent more oil from getting into the wetlands.
They have got one around the city of New Orleans, so why not just make one
around the entire state? That way, the oil won't get into the wetlands until the next
category 1 or worse hurricane hits there. Sounds like total desperation to me.

I'm purely guessing but it sure sounds like that since we can only make BP pay for
$750 million dollars for the damages caused by the leak (they have spent close to
that already, or so they claim), the White House and the State of Louisiana is now
forced to kiss their behinds to get any more funding from BP. My other guess is
maybe the Feds let them get by with something they shouldn't that help cause the
problem. There's just something wrong with this. We are not getting the truth yet.

Mobile Big Game Club Tournaments Cancelled:
See the attached article from the Mobile Big Game Club website. They didn't have
any choice but to close the Memorial Day Tournament that has been held for years
and one that I have fished in many times in the past.

Fishing areas in the Gulf Closed:
The federal government announced this past Tuesday it was nearly tripling the size
of an area in the Gulf of Mexico that's closed to fishing because of a massive oil spill
off the coast of Louisiana. That has already hurt the fishing charter business.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it had
closed nearly
46,000 square miles, or about 19 percent of federal waters.

Toxic Chemicals added to the Oil Makes Matters Even Worse than the Oil:
Do you remember me complaining about the chemicals BP was using weeks ago?
Yesterday, the EPA, another government dead-head agency, asked BP to change
the chemicals it was using to break up the oil. They admitted they were toxic and
would kill marine life. The same chemicals are banned in Great Britain.

The chemicals break the oil down so bacteria can destroy it at a faster rate than
normal. This process depletes the dissolved oxygen in the water. When the oxygen
gets too low, fish die. The millions of gallons of chemicals BP has used do just that.
Kill fish and many other things.

Why, after 30 days would the only people with control over this matter, the EPA, fail  
to stop BP from doing even more damage. In my opinion all of the top people of the
EPA should be fired. The overpaid deadhead jerks are worthless at anything but
drinking coffee and waiting on their checks come payday. The lady that heads the
EPA, from New Orleans of all places, smiled and almost laughed about it. She said
the problem was being taken care of.

Would anyone like to take a guess at the numbers of dead fish and other marine
life  in the offshore waters of the Gulf? What we don't know hurt us, or will it?

A guides report on the Inshore waters of Redfish Bay
Perfect Fly Eastern Pale Evening Dun