Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2.    Little Short Horned Sedges
3.    American March Browns
4.    Cinnamon Sedges (Caddisflies) (Abrams Creek)
5.    Green Sedges (Caddisflies)
6.    Little Sister Caddisflies (Abrams Creek)
7.    Pale Evening Duns
8.    Little Yellow Stoneflies -Yellow Sallies
9.    Eastern Green Drakes (Abrams Creek)
10.  Giant Stoneflies
11.  Light Cahills
12.  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
13.  Midges

Troutfest, a great fly show held this past weekend in Townsend Tennessee, ended
yesterday with a big success. The event is hosted by the Little River Chapter of
Trout Unlimited.  It was our first time to enter the show, or any fly show for that
matter. We were very much impressed with the event and the results of it with
respect to the success of Fly Fishing DVD and Perfect Fly.

We entered the show because I was asked to do so by Charity Rutter of R and R fly
fishing. It's my understanding the idea of what became Troutfest was originated by
Charity. I do know Byron Begley and Jack Gregory both contributed a lot of time and
effort over the last few years to making this event a success for the many people
that benefit from it. There are many others that also contributed to this in a big way
that I am unable to call by name due to my limited knowledge of it. The show was
organized extremely well with many volunteers and club members obviously doing a
lot of hard work necessary to accomplish it. The financial gains from the event will
be donated to Great Smoky Mountains National Park fisheries department. The
Troutfest website will inform you of these accomplishments.

I want to thank my friend Jerry Maslar of
Trout University for coming over from
Charlotte, North Carolina to help me with the show. To help me get started, some
time ago Jerry built the World's largest fly box which we used to store our flies at the
show. He also built the supports for the display and worked in the both from early
morning to late in the day both days of the event. Jerry retired from IBM as an
industrial engineer and was in charge of engineering things such as ATM machines.
It was an honor and huge benefit to have someone of his capability assisting me.
There are lots of people in this world who do things for others in order to get
something from it. There are far less people who do things just to help their friends.
Jerry Maslar is my friend.

More Gulf Fish In Danger - AP's Lousy News Reporting
The Associated Press reported yesterday that there's big concern that the oil is
spreading into major currents in the Gulf. This is part of what was reported by AP -

"A researcher told The Associated Press that computer models show the oil may
have already seeped into a powerful water stream known as the loop current, which
could propel it into the Atlantic Ocean. A boat is being sent later this week to collect
samples and learn more."This can't be passed off as 'it's not going to be a
problem,'" said William Hogarth, dean of the University of South Florida's College of
Marine Science. "This is a very sensitive area. We are concerned with what
happens in the Florida Keys."

Well, Mr. Associated Press, if you would have read what I, James Marsh, had to say
about this several times in past articles on this website as far back as three weeks
ago, you wouldn't need a South Florida Marine Scientist to tell you that the Gulf has
a loop current or rotary current that would eventually take the oil down the West
coast of Florida, around the Florida Keys and up the Atlantic Coastline.
expressed concern over this fact about the currents and predicted exactly
what is happening weeks ago.
All knowledgeable offshore anglers know this.

Also, Mr. Associated Press, you continue to report only what
has to be reported
and then only
after it is already a know fact by the majority of the population of
the Gulf Coast states. Would you
slowness in reporting such things such as
where the oil is going and particularly, the real extent of the damage it is
currently causing; more particularly the extent of the damage
it is going to cause
over the next few years
; have anything to do with your guard dog protection
of the current administration in Washington DC
. Are you possibly afraid they
will have to accept some or at least part of the blame for this disaster? I'm sure you
want answer me Mr. Associated Press. Yes, Mr. AP, its too bad our President
expressed his approval for more offshore drilling just a few days before the disaster
occurred. It's really too bad that he was forced to face facts about the real energy
problems this nation faces and for a change, was correct in making a good common
sense judgement. It's really too bad that the timing of that announcement came just
before the disaster that occurred this time, on his watch.

What is almost equal to the oil disaster, and the energy crisis we face as a nation, is
continued political influence on it. Isn't this a terrible and serious enough
crisis that both political parties should for just this one time, stop making decisions
based on who may or may not get elected to office in the future and focus on
solving the problems? Can't you focus on reporting what has to be and is being
done to solve these crisis? I may not know how to spell crisis in its plural form, but I
have enough sense to know that you refuse to accurately report what is really
occurring with the oil spill because you are more concerned about politics than the
Maybe you should move your headquarters from New York, New
York, to southern Louisiana.

By the way Mr. AP, please let me note that when you mentioned in your most recent
article the oil may damage the tourist business and commercial fishery in the
Southern states,
you left out the recreational fishing industry.

On a brighter side, let me note that BP finally accomplished some success in
reducing the amount of oil being released into the Gulf of Mexico according to the
news reports. The exact extend of what is being accomplished remains to be seen
but at least it's a start. From an engineering standpoint, It doesn't seem to me what
was done should have taken anywhere near as long as it did. It doesn't appear to
be rocket science in respect to what oil companies are capable of doing otherwise.