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Little Gray Sedges (Goera sp)


The Little Gray Sedge, or Goera species, hatches from about the first of May
through June depending on the elevation. These are small, hook size 18,
caddisflies. Probably most anglers would just refer to these as either tan or gray
caddisflies. Their wings are light gray with a tan cast to them.
This is not a major hatch but I am listing them because they can hatch in certain
locations in fairly large quantities. These caddisflies seem to exist only in
isolated areas of the streams we have found them in. They hatch and deposit
their eggs in the riffles. These are in the Northern Case-Makers or very diverse
Limnephilidae family of caddisflies.
I believe these crawl out of the water to hatch but I am not certain. I have not
caught trout by imitating the larvae or pupae stage. The only trout I have taken
were caught late in the afternoon on a size 18 Elk Hair Caddis only on a few
occasions. They do flutter over the surface of the water when they are
depositing their eggs but I am not sure if they deposit them on the surface or
dive to deposit them. Nevertheless, the Elk Hair Caddis produces during the
times I have found them.
For those who are interested, these are the species listed for the park.

Goera calcarata
Goera fuscula
Goerita flinti
Goerita semata

Fly Pattern Colors:
I am not certain of the larva or pupa colors or the effectiveness of fishing
imitations of them. Please let me know if any of you are familiar with them.

Hook: 18
Body: Dull Yellow
Legs: Grayish Tan
Wings: Grayish Tan
Antennae: Gray

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