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Little Sister Sedges (Cheumatopsyche species)


The Little Sister Sedge gets its name because in essence, it is just a small
version of the
Hydropsyche and Ceratopsyche species. If these were present in
just about any other stream in the nation, they would probably be the second
most important genus of caddisflies in the stream. They exist in several streams
in the Smokies but they are plentiful only in Abrams. Like the
species, these are also fairly plentiful in Cataloochee and Hazel Creeks.
These caddisflies hatch later in the season after most of their big sisters have
hatched or from about the first of May until the end of July depending on the
Since these are not plentiful in most of the park's streams, I will not spend a lot
of time detailing this hatch.
You fish all three stages exactly like you fish
the Ceratopsyche or Spotted Sedge hatch. The only difference in the
two genera is the colors and size of the flies.

For those interested, these are the species listed for the park:
Cheumatopsyche campyla
Cheumatopsyche harwoodi  
Cheumatopsyche helma
Cheumatopsyche pasella
Cheumatopsyche speciosa

Fly Pattern Colors:

Hook: 18-20
Body: Green
Legs: Cream
Head: Black
Tail: Cream

Hook: 18-20
Body: Green
Legs: Tan
Head: Black
Wing Pad: Brown

Hook: 18-20
Body: Bright Green
Legs: Tan
Head: Black
Wings: Brownish/Gray

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