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Tiny Black Caddis (Chimarra obscura)


This article is out of place in terms of my covering the insects in the order in
which they hatch. The Tiny Black Caddis or
Chimarra species, hatch earlier
than some of the hatches I have already covered.
They can hatch
anywhere from the middle of February until the end of March. The only species
listed for the park is the
obscura. You will see them on the rocks after they have
The reason I didn't originally cover them is because they don't constitute much
of a hatch as far as anglers are concerned. These are fingernet caddisflies that
crawl out of the water to hatch. They hatch in the middle of the day about the
same time the Little Black Caddis (
Brachycentrus species) hatch but usually a
little earlier. They are not nearly as important as the Little Black Caddis which is
another reason I degrade them somewhat.
They deposit their eggs in the middle of the afternoon by either diving to the
bottom or crawling down the rocks or banks to the bottom. The majority I have
watched crawled down the rocks. That is not exactly easy to imitate. This makes
it doubtful as to how many of them are eaten by trout.
The only thing that makes them worth mentioning is the fact that they are
plentiful and they may (not always but may) hatch when nothing else is hatching.
The water temperature is usually between 45 and 50 degrees when the hatch
takes place. Since they crawl out of the water to hatch and crawl back down into
the water to deposit their eggs (most of the time anyway), I just don't consider
them that important. The trout probably eat the larvae more than the pupae or
I would like to hear from anyone who has more information on the Tiny Black

Fly Pattern Colors:

Hook: 20-22
Head: Black
Body: Brown
Legs: Brown
Tail: Brown

Hook: 20-22
Body: Very Dark Brown (Looks Black)
Wing Pad: Black
Legs: Dark Brown
Antennae: Dark Brown

Hook: 20-22
Body: Very Dark Brown (Looks Black)
Wings: Black
Legs: Dark Brown
Antennae: Dark Brown

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