Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Quill Gordon Mayflies
4.   Blue Quill Mayflies
5.   Little Brown Stoneflies
6.   Little Black Caddis (American Grannoms)
7.   Hendricksons and Red Quills
8.   Little Short Horned Sedges
9.   Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
10  Midges

Current Fishing Conditions in the Smokies
I probably don't need to tell anyone of you living in the Eastern part of the country
that it is going to be hot today. The high in Gatlinburg is predicted to be 85 degrees
today. In the Smokies, that is normally Summer weather, not Spring weather. That
isn't going to last long though.

A cold front will be moving through tomorrow night and Thursday, dropping the
temperatures down to more normal April temperatures. The high Thursday is going
to be about 65 degrees. Friday is predicted to be only 59 degrees. Two weeks ago,
we would have thought those temperatures would be just right.

Provided the rain isn't too heavy and the stream levels remain in good condition as
they are now, the fishing should continue to be easy this weekend.  I would guess
(since I haven't been on the streams in the Smokies for a week now) that the Quill
Gordon hatch is about over in the lower elevations. There are probably some still
hatching in the higher elevation streams. The Blue Quills should hang around for a
few more days. Unless you can find some Hendrickson hatches, you may find the
fishing to be a little slow compared to the recent hot activity.

We have just returned from South Florida and cannot provide much detail about
anything happening in the Smokies yet. I hope to get to do some fishing today. Our
activity in Ft. Pierce and Ft. Lauderdale was purely boating. The locals didn't seem
to be upset about the reported fish kills the cold weather brought about this past
Winter. In fact, we didn't hear the subject even brought up. There were many, many
flats boats working the Indian River in Ft. Pierce, so it hasn't affected the activity
very much, if any. We noticed several guys using the long rods (fly rods) fishing for
redfish and snook. One guy we met staying in the same motel we stayed in,
reported he was doing very well. He had a new Ranger Flats boat with a 90
Yamaha. The flats boat he traded in had a 200 hp Merc on it and was the reason he
bought a new one. I never understood why anyone would want to add that amount
of weight or power to a shallow draft flats boat, but now that the fuel prices are
staying on the high side, I feel sure that will change the minds of many boaters.

By the way, we will be introducing (10) ten new Perfect Fly saltwater flats and
inshore flies that we and some of our angler and guide associates have developed
during the past year and a half. These will be available on our Perfect Fly website
within the next two or three weeks.