Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Quill Gordon Mayflies
4.   Blue Quill Mayflies
5.   Little Brown Stoneflies
6.   Little Black Caddis (American Grannoms)
7.   Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
8.   Midges

Current Fishing Conditions:
The weather and water conditions continue to improve and I have heard several
report of Blue Quills, Blue-winged Olives and Quill Gordons hatching in some of the
lower elevation streams. I haven't had any reports of them being even moderate
hatches, much less heavy hatches. That could happen anytime, so I suggest you
give it a try this weekend if you can do so. If you cannot, then there's still the best  
to come. When I say "best", keep in mind I mean the easiest time to catch trout. I
don't always refer to the easiest fishing as the best but that is the phase most
anglers use. One thing for sure, it will beat the cold weather fishing of late.

Destinations: Davidson River, North Carolina
The fishing not only picked up in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it has
picked up in the local Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina tailwaters and other
freestone streams. Reports of good action are coming in every day from those
anglers using our Perfect Flies.

We just recently finished the Davidson River Stream Guide for our "Perfect Fly"
website and thought about including it for today because of an email I received from
Craig Lancaster.

Craig was writing our Smoky Mountain "Headwaters" articles until he made the
decision to attend college full time. Although I miss his articles, I had much rather
know he is getting a good education to support his outdoor activities in the future.
He hopes to be involved full time with fly fishing one day and the college education
will help him with that just as well should he decide to go that route one day.

Check out the
Davidson River and be sure to read Craig's fishing report from
this past weekend on the Davidson. It is at the end of this page of the section.