Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges

Sorry that I was unable to post anything yesterday. I was feeling perfectly fine. Just
let me just say that when you get as old as I am, doctors think they need to look up
your rear end. They told me that is what they did anyway. Those are the days you
wish didn't exist, but I guess it's better than the alternative.

Weather/Stream Conditions:
A few days ago I wrote about this weekend being cold but clear with blue bird skies.
I went into the fact that cold days and cold water is easier to fish if it is cloudy and
overcast. The forecast changed. The front conditions didn't move on out over the
Atlantic and it will continue to remain cloudy. In fact, there's a good chance of
another couple of inches of snow tonight. It will continue to snow some on into

I have never seen the snow depths as deep as it is at the current time. I'm sure the
old timers that have lived here for many years have, but not me. They are showing
44 inches on top of Mt. LeConte but even more impressive, is the depth at
Newfoundland Gap. It is 36 inches. We will have a Southern Runoff for certain in the
near future. That is a lot of snow. (updated at 11:00)

There isn't anything wrong with fishing today or tomorrow but you may need snow
shoes to do it. I doubt the roads will be open in the park. You can call them later in
the day and find out, but it doesn't look like you will be able to move around much.
You can walk in at any of the entrances to the park and catch trout, or you could
fish for the stockers in Gatlinburg, Cherokee or at Townsend.