Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges

Weather/Stream Conditions:
The weather for today calls for a "Winter Storm Watch". Great, we are back where
we were last week. We have been teased by Mother Nature. The weather is almost
consistently unreal, the way I see it. The forecast says there's a good chance of
snow this morning and again this late afternoon with a high of 40 and a low of 23
and that's at Gatlinburg. It is worse any higher than that. That also means the water
temperature will be down to or below 40 degrees again for a while.

The longer range forecast indicates it will clear up by Friday and Saturday and
Sunday will continue with blue bird skies. Wouldn't that be nice. Well, in fact, no it
won't. It would be better if it remained cloudy with snow showers. Now that I have  
you wondering what I mean by that, I will add it is also going to remain cold. When
it's cold with clear skies, from a fishing standpoint, it isn't as good as it is when it is
cloudy and cold, assuming "cold" is the same temperature. In other words, highs
should be in the 40's at Gatlinburg during the day, and in the low 20's at night. With
that forecast for temperatures, it would be better if it continued to stay cloudy with
snow showers. Now there is 32 inches of snow at LeConte and 16 at Newfoundland.

The bottom line to all this procrastination:
It doesn't look good for the next few days. The water will remain cold, there will be
snow that hasn't melted and the aquatic insects that could start hatching with
warmer weather,
want start hatching. You should be prepared to continue with
cold water fishing strategies. Trout can still be caught. I'm just explaining that you
want need a bug net to go over your head anytime soon. Sorry! Better days are
ahead. By the way, the water is a little high, but still okay to fish if done carefully.