Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges
Congratulations to Jamie McMurray and Bass Pro Shop/Tracker Boats and you too Dale, Jr
Weather and Stream Conditions
I guess I'm not telling most of you anything new, but it should snow today in the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The chances today are 100% and about
60% for tonight. They are predicting 1 to 4 inches at Gatlinburg. The 1 inch of snow
in our yard melted yesterday and I saw the dead grass for a change but that want
last long. Quite frankly, the forecast doesn't get much better all week except it will
stop snowing at least until the weekend. The long range forecast is calling for rain,
sleet and snow this weekend. You know what that means, don't you? That means
they just know it is going to be wet.

Mount LeConte only has 31 inches of snow this morning. It drops way down at the
Newfoundland Pass. It is only 13 inches deep there. With today's snow, we should
get plenty more in the mountains which will make my
"Southern Runoff" even
more spectacular. When mother used to sing "on top of old Smoky, all covered with
snow" to us as kids, she knew what she was singing about apparently. My family
visited the Smokies often when I was young.

Destinations: Cataloochee Creek (GSMNP) North Carolina
Finally, I completed the new "Perfect Fly" website's Stream Section on the Smoky
streams, or watersheds I should say. I ended it with one of Angie and I's favorite
streams - Cataloochee Creek. We enjoy fishing the creek's smoother sections of
water because it perfects your fly fishing much better than the much easier to fish
pocket water streams in the Smokies. Of course, there is plenty of that there also -
most of it in fact. We also like being able to catch a Grand Slam in one place.
Cataloochee Creek

Basics of Fly Fishing - Trout Food Series - Stoneflies - Part  4
This continues our Stonefly articles. Today's subject is about the adults. Here is
how you can catch a few trout on the egg laying Winter and Early Brown Stoneflies
that, in the case of the Winter Stones, may still be hatching. The Early Browns
(which are black and brown depending on the species) should start whenever the
weather turns to a more normal sequence.
Part 4 of Stoneflies

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