Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges

Current Wild Weather Forecast:
Except for the one year I lived in Ohio as a young boy, I don't think I have ever lived
where the National Weather forecast was calling for as much snow as they are
currently predicting for Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Of course twenty-five
of those years were spent in Florida and five more at Orange Beach, Alabama.

They are calling for a 70% chance of snow and sleet today, but not starting until
this afternoon. I hope they are right about that because I talked my friend Jerry
Maslar of
Trout University, into staying another day in Pigeon Forge to visit with me
before traveling home back to his home to Charlotte, North Carolina. I hope he gets
back home without any problems (like crossing over the mountain range on I-40
today) because he wants to go to the fly fishing show going on in Charlotte this

Today's snow and sleet should be less than a half an inch. Tonight, between 5 and
9 inches are possible. They are saying it will snow, sleet and rain all day Saturday
but that isn't the end of it. Next Tuesday they say it will snow some more, and then
again next Thursday. According to the forecast, we will be living in a winter
wonderland. I want believe it until I see it.

Every time I can remember the forecast calling for heavy snow, it didn't snow very
much. It only snows in the South when it can surprise everyone. Maybe, the
National Weather Service are more advanced than I think they are. I'm joking, but
on a serious note, I do know from studying the weather ( I am currently producing a
one-hour Marine Weather DVD for a California Company) that a mere one or two
degree swing in predicted air temperatures can make the difference in it snowing or
not snowing. In other words, in marginal cases, it is very difficult to predict snow,
especially on a long term basis. I guess we will have to wait and see. I'll bet the
grocery stores in town become empty before nightfall.

Basics of Fly Fishing - Trout Food Series - Mayflies - Part 18
Yesterday, I got a little bent out of shape writing about the Blue Quill duns when I
started thinking about the traditional ways of fishing in the Smokies. In case you
can't see it clearing by reading anything I write, just remember that I'm not a writer. I
did write articles for Sportfishing, Marlin Magazine and some other national
publications for a few years, but I drove all the editors nuts trying to straighten the
articles out. I mix past tense, with pretense with future tense (I forget the proper
words for that) and anything else together in such a mixed up manner, a Harvard
English professor couldn't possibly straighten it out. One of my friends said that I
write exact the same way I talk - that reading something I write is like listening to me
talk. Okay, Dennis, what's wrong with that? (I will see if he is reading my articles) At
least it is fast. I don't have to dot the i's and edit what I write. I can't edit what I say.
No one can. If you could, our President would edit his speech from a couple of
nights ago.  I'll just continue to murder the King's language. It is too late for me to
change. I guess I'm over the hill.

Back to the
Blue Quill duns. You would think I am trying to avoid them.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh