Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges

Current Conditions in the Smokies
At 5:00 PM yesterday, the mountains were still white with snow above about the
3500 foot level. The temperature reached 52 degrees at my house and off hand,
you would think all the snow would melt, but that wasn't the case. The mountains
still had a lot of snow from about 3500 feet up. Of course the temperature at the
higher elevations was not that high. That should change today. It started raining
just before dark yesterday and has continued to rain lightly throughout the night. If
the temperatures are above freezing at the high elevations today, the rain should
melt all of it.
We could have a Southern runoff. How about that. I just created a
new phrase.

It is 47 degrees this early morning as I'm writing this, so I think maybe the very cold
weather is over for a while anyway. All of the long range forecast call for normal to
above normal weather for the next few days. The guys that contracted cleaning out
our gutters and steam cleaning the house came yesterday afternoon to start work.
When the first man reached the top of the house to start on the gutters, he looked
down at the other guy and said "They are frozen solid with ice". That ended the
gutter cleaning.

Basics of Fly Fishing - Trout Food Series - Mayflies - Part 6
In part 6, I will get into the details of fishing the Blue-winged Olive hatches. If you
read yesterday's article, and I hope you did, you discovered why you hear about
BWOs throughout the year. There isn't just one such mayfly. There are 12 different
species of mayflies called BWOs that exist in the Smokies and some of them hatch
twice a year.
Part 6 continues..

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