Stream and Lake Destinations - Middle Prong of Little Pigeon River,
This stream was about a mile from our house in Gatlinburg where Angie and I lived
for three years. In was downhill the entire way. One day I cut the ignition of my car
just to see if I could get there and actually turn off the highway without any power. I
had to constantly hit the brakes to keep my speed down. Now that I have written
that, I realize that was rather stupid. I guess I may still have some kid left in me.

The Middle Fork doesn't have any brown trout in it, unless maybe one happen to
swim upstream from those stocked outside the park. What is does have are lots of
rainbows and brook trout. This is another stream where you can actually drive to
brook trout waters. Just go to the end of the road and start fishing. I have caught
some very nice ones within a few yards of the trailhead parking lot.

On one occasion, about four years ago, Angie caught over 50 rainbows in about 2
to 3 hours. She quit and I took over and caught about that many before I quit. All
were recorded on video. Now, that I have written that, please don't take it to mean
what great anglers we are. I am just pointing out the fishing that can take place
there. It was rare not to get a strike if the fly hit the water. This took place past the
confluence of Porters Creek about a mile, and from there upstream on the
Prong of Little Pigeon River. It was during the month of October.

The thumbnail images shown on the introduction page were taken that day and are
stills from the video. We had broken both our 3 chip professional cameras and used
a small consumer grade digital camera, so we have not been able to use any of the
video. When we got home that evening, a new pro camera we had purchased from
B&H photo in NY while the others were being repaired by Sony, was on the porch. It
was delivered by UPS that morning at 10:30 about thirty minutes after we left home,
unsigned for by anyone.

Just so some may be interested, one of our cameras had a broken mic and input
where Angie fell running from a buffalo on the Yellowstone River. The other one
was broken two weeks later by me when I slipped and fell into it on the Lamar River,
running to get the camera to video Angie. I knocked it off the tripod. It was the
backup camera. We had to use the one with the broken mic from then on and had
audio only when we used our remote mics. The camera repairs cost as much as the
trip to Yellowstone.