Stream and Lake Destinations - Big Creek, North Carolina
This stream is one of the most ignored larger streams in Great Smoky Mountains
National Park simply due to its remoteness from any large towns or cities. It actually
is quite easy to access from I-40. It is near the North Carolina - Tennessee border
at exit 451. There is a campground, picnic area, rest rooms and a ranger station

"Big pocket water" are the key words for this stream. It's mostly all fast, pocket water
due to the steep inclination and huge numbers of large boulders in the streambed.
There has always seemed to be a good population of rainbows in the lower section
as well as a good population of brook trout in its upper reaches.

This is a popular hiking area and horseback riding area, but you probably want see
many anglers. The first time Angie and I fished this stream, we meet a gentleman
about two miles upstream from the campground that said he was 82 years old . He
said he had fished the stream his entire life. Interestingly, he told us the exact pool
that would contain the first brook trout if we progressed on upstream. It was yet a
ways on up the creek and we never made it there. He was on his way back. He had
hiked in earlier than we did, caught the fish he wanted to catch, and was on his way
back to the campground, alone mind you, at age 82. I felt weak and almost
intimidated by him. I asked how he remained so active. He answered by saying
"walking up and down this creek".
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