Stream and Lake Destinations - Forney Creek
Would you like to fish what we think is probably the least fished stream in Great
Smoky Mountains Park? If so, then we suggest you try
Forney Creek. When most
anglers consider all of the options for places to fish in the Smokies, this would
mostly likely be the last stream on their list. It is relatively small, difficult to get
around in places and doesn't have any more trout than many other streams in the

To be perfectly honest, the only reason we fished it was because we wanted to
include it in the streams for our new "Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains National
Park" DVD. If others had to pay what we paid to be dropped off there and picked up
later the two times we have fished the lower end of the stream , there would never
by anyone that fished the stream. Seriously, it's really easy to access with a boat. It
is on the opposite end of Cherokee Lake from the marina, but there is a county
park from which you can launch a boat. The problem with it is that I don't know if I
would want to leave a boat at the mouth of the creek that was worth very much for
very long even locked to a tree . That said, I wouldn't doubt a boat staying there a
month without anyone bothering it.

Hiking in is the other option. The problem with that is climbing down from Clingmans
Dome wouldn't be exactly easy or at least it wouldn't for me. There are some
campsites along the stream - #68, 69, 70 and 74. Forney Creek Trail follows the
stream most all the way according to my GPS maps. I wouldn't be surprised if the
headwater parts were fished more often than the lower part of the stream. You can
also hike there from the end of the North Shore Road. That's about a three and a
half mile hike.  

If you like fishing remote streams, give Forney Creek a try. Other than someone  
traveling by horseback, I doubt you'll have much company. I guess a horse is the
best option, now that I think about it. The problem is I sold my two horses about
thirty-five years ago. I did get thrown off one two years ago, showing my grand kids
how to ride.