Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Little Black Winter Stoneflies
3.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
4.   Midges

Current Conditions/Forecast for the Great Smoky Mountains:
I keep trying to get away from the weather forecast but it continues to be
interesting. The high for today is only going to be 36 degrees for Gatlinburg. The
snow should change to rain later on in the day. The low will be around 31 tonight
with more snow - an inch or two - following the rain. I am hoping I can take some
pictures of the mountains today but the forecast is a little on the scary side. There
has to be some ice in with the snow and rain somewhere. It appears that we have
only about 2 inches of snow. If the forecast is correct, the snow will be melted by
rain later on today. In fact, I just checked and it is raining now at 7:00 AM.

It rained just about all day yesterday in Pigeon Forge. I expect the streams to not
only be cold but also high. The levels of the streams shot up until the rain changed
to snow last night. Although the water levels are headed down now, I am sure that
will change again later on today and early tonight.

The road through the park from Tennessee to North Carolina was closed yesterday
and I am sure it will be closed again today. There is probably a great deal of snow
on the mountains. It hasn't turned daylight yet and I doubt if I could see them
anywhere. From looking at the national weather on TV last night, it appears we are
getting the light end of the winter storm on the Tennessee side of the park. The
North Carolina side of the park received more snow than we are getting here.
Today would be a good day to tie flies.

Basics of Fly Fishing: Trout Food Series - Top Tips on Beetles
Continuing with our basics series, today's Top Tips on Beetles may seem out of
place from a time of the year standpoint. Remember, we are covering the basics
and I previously listed it as the most important insect in the park following mayflies,
stoneflies, caddisflies, and dipterans.

Please Note that I made a stupid error when listing the top 10 insects for trout in
the park that I just caught this morning. I omitted midges. They should have followed
caddisflies. I will now call it the
Top 11 insects of the Smokies)

Stream and Lake Destinations - Anthony Creek (GSMNP), Tennessee
Continuing on with our Great Smoky Mountains National Park Streams, check out
our "Perfect Fly" stream section's link to little
Anthony Creek.

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