Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Great Brown Autumn Sedge
3.   Little Yellow Quills
4.   Needle Stoneflies
5.   Crane Flies
6.   Hellgrammite
7.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
8.   Midges

Current Conditions Great Smoky Mountains:
As normal for this time of year, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is crowded with Christmas
shoppers. Many people come just to see the Christmas lights. Both cities put up a huge number
of lights and they are really beautiful. Thanks for the new by-pass road, you can get from
Severville to the Spur very quickly, although I don't think the visitors have figured that out yet. They
still drive the main drag and slow down to read every sign.
The streams were in great shape yesterday. It was an excellent day for fly fishing. Unfortunately, I
didn't get to do any. We were busy putting up a few thousand Perfect Flies to increase our stock
for 2010. Our graphic artist finished the art work for the web pages and printing for our new
leaders and tippet coming soon and we also had to spend some time on that. The temperatures
will drop today and you will have to change your methods back to fishing cold water.

Basics of Fly Fishing: Trout Food Series - Top Tips on Imitating Adult
Continuing with our basics series, today's Top Tips on Imitating Adult
Stoneflies  may even help those that are not new to the sport of fly fishing.

Stream and Lake Destinations -  Hazel Creek (GSMNP), North Carolina
Continuing on with our Great Smoky Mountains National Park Streams, check out
our "Perfect Fly" stream section's link to
Hazel Creek.

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