Stream and Lake Destinations - Big Horn River, Montana
The first time Angie and I visited the famous Big Horn River was during a drought
year when all the streams in Montana, and the West for that matter, were suffering
from the lack of snow and rain. They are called bad water years by most western
anglers. The Big Horn was experiencing the worst drought ever recorded, or at
least remembered by the locals. Business was suffering. Anglers were not catching
the numbers of fish they did at one time.

Local guides and outfitters pointed out that even so, the fishing was still better than
most streams in Montana and equal to any of them. That didn't convenience most
anglers, however The word was out that the fishing was bad. When I say "go there",
all but a very few locals would have to "go there" because the Big Horn isn't really
close to any large city or even a large town.

The guides and outfitters were right. The Big Horn didn't produce the large
numbers of fish it once did, but still its overall catch probably outdid most any other
stream in terms of the quality of the fish caught.

For the next several years, the Big Horn came back strong. It is currently very close
to being as good as it ever was. This is a great river where you can expect to catch
big trout and lots of them, and most of the time, even on dry flies. It is one of our
planned destinations for 2010.

If you haven't already been there, we certainly hope you get the opportunity to fish
this river. Don't go there for any other reason but to fish or you will be disappointed.
It is purely a fishing destination. Traveling by vehicle from the east, you can arrange
to swing by and fish it on the way to other popular Montana/Wyoming Destinations.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh