Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Great Brown Autumn Sedge
3.   Little Yellow Quills
4.   Needle Stoneflies
5.   Crane Flies
6.   Hellgrammite
7.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
8.   Midges

Basics of Fly Fishing: Trout Food Series - Top Tips on Imitating
Hatching Mayflies
The trout food series continues with information on emerging mayfly nymphs.
Please keep up with this series to get the most benefit from it.

Stream and Lake Destinations - L
Continuing with our popular new "Stream Destination" Series of our "Perfect Fly"
website, check out the
"Big Hole River" in Montana.

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