Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Great Brown Autumn Sedge
3.   Little Yellow Quills
4.   Needle Stoneflies
5.   Crane Flies
6.   Hellgrammite
7.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
8.   Midges

New Nantahala Outdoor Center opening in Gatlinburg:
The recent recession hasn't stopped the local growth of the outdoor recreation
market. NOC, or Nantahala Outdoor Center, is in the late stages of construction on
Great Outpost in Gatlinburg. It is located next to Great Smoky Mountains
National Park on the Tennessee side of the park.

The new store will be the largest in Gatlinburg, the little town that attracts
14,000,000 visitors a year. The new store will be practically on the Little Pigeon
River and closer than any to the Elkmont area, the best trout fishing on Little River.

We are happy to see it coming and wish Mr. Sutton Bacon, NOC's President and
CEO the best. This is exactly one of the type of things that's needed to get the
young women and men more interested in the great outdoors.

Basics of Fly Fishing: Trout Food Series - Top Tips On An Insects
Stage Of Life
This lesson is the beginning of several that will get a little deeper into the details of
the insects that trout rely on for food. The first four only highlighted the various
foods trout eat. This lesson will begin to bring out some of the more important
things about each of the top 10 insects of the Smokies that were outlined in
yesterday's lesson.

Trout don't always eat insects in the stage of their life that we are most likely to
recognize them in.  For example, I doubt trout eat many moths like the ones you see
flying around lights at night. These flies rarely get into the water. I'm sure the trout
probably eat some of the adult moths, or the fully grown flies, but by far the most
important stage of the moth's life to the trout, is its larva stage. Now we are going
somewhere some of you may not grasp and the prime objective of this article. What
is a larva?
The Top Tips on an insects stage of life answers this and many
other questions along those same lines.

Stream and Lake Destinations - Blackfoot River, Montana
Large rivers with wild trout are so common in Montana, some of the better ones get
little attention. Before the Internet, the hard copy media printed little about streams
like the Blackfoot River. I believe there was a simple reason for it. They didn't have
any large companies willing to spent big bucks with them on ads. Most of the
publications want to hide the fact, if not outright deny it, but money does greatly
influence what they write about. That's completely understandable. Fly fishing
magazines aren't charities.  

Thanks to our own "Perfect Fly" website,
we are perfectly content to bring you the
"Blackfoot River" without any compensation. The State of Montana calls the
Blackfoot River one of their 12 renowned "Blue Ribbon" rivers. There's plenty of
water to fish. It is only 132 miles long. This river is also located close to some other
great trout streams.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh