Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Great Brown Autumn Sedge
3.   Slate Drakes
4.   Little Yellow Quills
5.   Needle Stoneflies
6.   Crane Flies
7.   Helligramite
8.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish
9.   Midges

Fly Fishing for Trout - Instructional Videos (DVD) - Part  13
Continued from yesterday

I hope you are not getting as tired of reading about our fly fishing DVD as I am
writing about them. If so, this will be it for a while because it is the last one we
"Mayflies - Fly Fishing Guide to Aquatic Insects" teaches you how to
identify mayflies, match the hatch, determine the stage of the hatch for all the major
species of mayflies found on trout streams for the East to the West Coast of the
United States. I don't have any problem is outright stating that this two hour long
DVD took more time to produce than any fly fishing video ever produced. I don't
think I could say it took hundreds of hours because I believe that it actually took
over a thousand hours. It took traveling to and capturing insects from over two
hundred trout streams from coast to coast. It took many disappointing days of not
finding what we were looking for. It took seven years to produce.

We actually didn't think the DVD would sell a bunch of copies. We were not sure
how many anglers were interested in aquatic insects. There are many that don't
have a clue even as to what a spinner is. There are many that think it isn't even
important. I guess as long as you are satisfied with catching trout when anyone that
can cast a fly twenty feet in pocket water under good fishing conditions, or from
stocked streams, then I suppose it isn't important. But for those who are not
satisfied with being a mediocre angler and would like to be able to catch trout
consistently, day in and day out, from places like the Henry's Fork, Delaware River
or the wild brown trout from our local South Fork of the Holston River, would find it
of value. Most likely there are some of you that are already thinking on the wrong
It isn't just about hatches. What is of far more importance, is what is going
to hatch or exist in a stream in plentiful and available quantities for trout to eat in
the nymphal stage of the mayflies life.

So far sells have really surprised us. Maybe because it's a one of a kind DVD or
maybe it's because anglers have been wanting to see them in real live video
instead of images taken from half frozen, staged mayflies in a studio environment  
regularly seen in books. It has sold faster than any of our videos for the past few

Maybe it is also because many of your are finding out that
those who preach that
knowing your mayflies isn't necessary when you fish the streams of the Smokies is
the very ones that don't know anything about them.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh