Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
2.   Great Brown Autumn Sedge
3.   Slate Drakes
4.   Little Yellow Quills
5.   Needle Stoneflies
6.   Crane Flies
7.   Helligramite
8.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish
9.   Midges

Fly Fishing for Trout - Instructional Videos (DVD) - Part 2
Continued from yesterday

The first fly fishing DVD Angie and I produced was "Fly Fishing For Trout In
Tailwaters". I am not sure as to why I selected the title to do first. I do remember that
I had become frustrated with the tailwaters for several reasons. One was because it
was difficult to acquire information on the times of the discharges on some streams.
Man and computers control the discharges and for some reason, that fact alone
irritated me. Streams like the South Fork of the Snake River, where I introduced the
program, frustrated me because you never know for sure when or how much water
is going to be released. You better have a boat handy if you plan on wading. I have
also always been upset that dams have been built on some rivers where it lead to
the destruction of the native species of fish. Building a dam on a river always affects
many things but never-the-less, it is a fact we have dams (some are being torn
down) and we may as well take advantage of the fishing they provide. I could go on
about this but I am getting off the subject of our first DVD.

It took about two years for the biggest problem we had with "Tailwaters" to dawn on
us. I was keenly aware that the title of a DVD or video, was key in terms of sales
quantities. The problem with this title is that many anglers don't know what a
tailwater is. I would have been far better off calling it "Fishing Below Dams". I was
talking to a quite knowledgeable angler on the Madison River at the famous $3
bridge about the flow of the river one day and discovered he didn't even realize that
he was fishing a tailwater. After that I would bring the subject up often and
discovered many anglers didn't know. When I got home a month later, I read an
article in a major national fly fishing magazine in which the author mentioned the
forty mile riffle (from Quake Lake to Ennis) was a freestone stream. I could not
believe the error wasn't caught by the magazine. That did it. I was hell bent and
bound to feature the forty mile riffle TAILWATER in my new Tailwater DVD and I did
just that.

When the average person is considering purchasing a video, they glance at the title
and if it is interesting, they proceed to read what is included in the program from
either an ad or the content listed on the back of the cover. If they are still
interested, they buy the video, but they are always buying a "pig in a poke". They
don't have the opportunity to preview the content in most cases. They don't have
the option of returning it if they don't like it in most cases. Once it is viewed, it has
provided all it was intended to provide. We have always allowed returns but we
have never advertised it and we have never had a fly fishing video returned
because someone didn't like it.

You can obtain release schedules of the TVA tailwaters in the East and many other
tailwaters controlled by various other authorities. That gives you a chance to
determine if you can fish or not, how you can fish it (boat or wading) and in many
cases, where you can fish the tailwater at a given time. That is not the case on
many Midwestern and Western tailwaters. It is easy to find yourself fishing a
tailwater that you have gone to the trouble to travel to when the releases makes it
impossible to fish effectively.

Another big reason I choose to do "Tailwaters" first was that current always greatly
affects the manner in which any fish feeds. It doesn't make any difference if it is the
tide in saltwater inshore waters, rotary currents offshore, varying current conditions
in freestone streams caused by Mother Nature, or water being released below a
dam. It was something that I was very familiar with.

Another reason was the huge amount of footage (a slang word for amount of video
acquired) we had of fishing in tailwaters. Included in the program are fishing
segments from: The Madison River below Hebgen Dam, the Madison below Quake
Lake (forty mile riffle), the West Fork of the Bitterroot River, and Colorado's Frying
Pan, Uncompahgre and Blue Rivers. Scenes are shown from the tailwaters at the
Big Horn River, Mt; Hiwassee River, TN; Housatonic River, CT;  Kennebago River,
ME; Rapid River, ME; Deerfield River, MA; Delaware River, NY; Neversink River, NY;
North. Branch of the. Potomac River, MD; Savage River, MD; Smith River, VA;
Clinch River, TN; Yampa River, CO; South Platte River, CO; Gunpowder Falls River,
MD; Jackson River, VA; South Fork of Holston River, TN; Watauga River, TN;
Henry's Fork of the Snake River, ID (below Ashton Reservoir) and the North Platte

This video, the first one we released, has sold just over 1500 copies. All of our
other 18 DVD have done far better than Tailwaters on a per yearly sales basis. I
think it's the title. I suppose I should have called it "Fly Fishing for Trout Below


Copyright 2009 James Marsh