Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives
3.   Little Yellow Stoneflies
4.   Slate Drakes
5.   Cream Cahills - hatching in Isolated locations
6.   Little Yellow Quills
7.   Needle Stoneflies
8.   Beetles
9.   Grasshoppers
10. Ants
11. Crane Flies
12. Helligramite
13. Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish

What A Week

I used to think weeks started on Monday. Most people that work a regular job
probably would agree with that, or at least most work week starts on Monday. My
mother used to tell me that Sunday is the first day of the week, and considering that
came from the Bible, and considering the week I had last week, I will go along with
her on that. Now nothing bad like many things that could happen, happened. I
guess you could just say it was a very trying week.

It started out with pain in my back, that unlike most pain in the back, is recognizable
by highly experienced people. I knew from the start it was a kidney stone. If you
have ever had the problem, you will not have any trouble diagnosing it. The pain
started on Sunday morning, just when I was heading out the door to catch the
largest brown trout that swims in the Smokies. You have some great options when
that happens on Sunday morning. Stay at home and feel like you are dieing, or go
to the emergency room and feel worse than if you were dieing. I choose to stay
home and feel like I was dieing.

Monday, I called the Doctor only to be sent to the hospital for a body scan. While I
was waiting to go through the donut hole looking machine they use to see inside
you, Angie rang my cell phone. If you keep up with my daily postings, you probably
remember that about two weeks ago we had a huge bear walk up to within six feet
of the back side of Angie who was sitting in a chair in our garage. We stopped that
from happening again by taking all of our left over food items to the garbage dump
each day and leaving the Pigeon Forge City garbage can empty. For two weeks I
looked forward to doing that every day. That actually was the second bear we had
seen in the yard that same week and no, it wasn't the same bear, thank you. The
second one was a male for sure.

Anyway, back to the hospital, the cell phone rang with a call from Angie. She and
Biddie, our Cocker Spaniel child, was sitting on the front porch enjoying the
changing colors of the leaves, when a cub bear about twice the size of Biddie (she
weights about 20 pounds) walked slowly through the side yard into the front yard.
When Biddie went crazy, standing on her hind feet barking, the little bear turned
and starred at them for a minute and then proceeded to slowly walk across the
street into the woods. I suppose it was headed to Pigeon Forge City Hall, which is
less than three-quarters of a mile in that direction. I am sitting in the hospital, dieing
with pain, yelling at Angie to get off the porch and into the house because bears
that small are never alone. I warned that mother bear was somewhere near but she
was so excited about seeing the cute little cub she ignored my warning and
proceeded on out into the front yard. Then the potential problem finally hit her and
she ran back into the house but only to get her new camera and go back out on the

Before I got off the phone, the nurse came to get me to lie down on the bunk and
go through the big ring you slide back and forth through, so she could see inside
my body. Yes, it showed I had a kidney stone alright, just like I told the Doctor in the
beginning. What I didn't know was I didn't just have one - I had three. One that hurt
and two in the other kidney that didn't hurt - yet. After getting that over in the few
hours it took to do five minutes of work, I was given a prescription for some heavy
pain medicine. I left wondering how long it would take me to get the Swine flew from
the crowds in the halls at the hospital and if I would find a living dog and wife at

Today, it is Sunday again, and after a few days of pain, dulled by the strong
medicine, one kidney stone (broken into a few pieces) is now on a shelf in the
bathroom. I am again gearing up to go fishing tomorrow. I'm not about to go on
Sunday after that happened. I saved over half of my medicine, so that when the
other two stones decide they want to exit, I'll just take a pill and keep fishing. After
all, there is no need for me to go back to the doctor, wait a half day in pain in the
hospital, dropping my head every time someone coughs, waiting on the test to
confirm what I dang well already know. It actually doesn't hurt any more standing up
and moving around than it does lying down on a bed.

This week looks like we are going to continue to have excellent fishing conditions.
By the way, she didn't see the mother bear or anymore since. Only the wild turkeys
that frequently come into the open area in woods across the street. Also, our
favorite of all, a huge, Giant Redheaded Woodpecker that dines about everyday in
a dead tree across the street.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh