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Hendrickson and the Red Quill - Spinners


Where there are good concentrations of these mayflies, the spinner fall is
usually very heavy. The males fall to the water or bank as soon as they mate.
The females, full of eggs, follow shortly afterwards. They appear from the sky it
seems and descend to the surface of the water to deposit their eggs. They then
fall spent and die. There can be a lot of spent flies on the water in a relatively
small area.
The females deposit their eggs in the same water that they hatch from. The
spinner fall usually starts very late in the afternoon just before dark. It is possible
the best of it will occur after the time the park permits you to fish. On cloudy,
overcast days it may start earlier. Most of the time you will need to fish as late as
the rule permits.

If the hatch is heavy, the fish will usually get into feeding lanes and develop a
steady feeding rhythm eating them. Start out using a male spinner imitation.
When the action slows, if the females have arrived, change flies to imitate the
eggs layers. You may even need to change to a spent pattern of the females at
some point in time. This may sound a little complicated and confusing but just
remember that the males fall first and you would want to start with a spent
imitation of the male. They have a dark rusty brown body with clear wings. When
the females start to deposit their eggs and you see them dipping to the water in
the low light, change to the upright wing imitation of the female spinner. When
that activity stops, change to a spent pattern of the female spinners.

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Female Hendrickson Spinner with
Eggs: Thumbnail -  Click on Image
Male Spinner (Red Quill): Spent
position  Thumbnail - Click on Image