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Hendrickson and the Red Quill - Duns


Separate patterns are necessary for the duns if you want to imitate both the
males and females. It is possible the fish will become selective on one of the
other sexes, but don't become overly concerned about this until one or the other
proves it is not going to work. Remember the male is the smaller of the two. For
some reason, the images below of the two doesn't look that different. In real life,
they look like two completely different mayflies. Of course the size is the main big
difference. The color of the male abdomen and thorax is much darker, has a red
tint to it and is slimmer than the female. The female abdomen is more of a cream
color with a slight red or dark green tint. The images of the two indicate that the
big red eyes of the male makes more of a difference than it actually is. Our fly
pattern colors will be available in a couple of days.
In most types of water the Hendricksons and Red Quills are found in, an up
stream presentation usually works best. You may note that the trout are rising to
the duns only in a certain area of the stream you will want to take advantage of
that by getting into the best possible position. It is often tough to get very close
to the fish in the smoother, moderately flowing water without spooking them. A
downstream presentation may be needed.
Although it is possible that the trout may ignore the duns altogether and feed
only on the emergers, most of the hatches we have encountered in the Smokies
were sparse and the trout took the duns very aggressively. The Hendrickson
hatch does not last over a long period of time and the size of the hatch may vary
from one location to another.

If you find the trout are not taking the dun imitations and you have tried both
male and female imitations, we suggest that you change back to an emerger
imitation fished in the surface skim. Usually, when this happens, either the water
temperature has dropped or the trout are waiting on the spinner fall to eat. Most
of the time this is not a problem. Most of the time they will take the duns.

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Hendrickson Male Duns (Red Quills) above: Thumbnails - Click on Images
Hendrickson Male Dun (Red Quill) above Left and Female Dun
Right: : Thumbnails - Click on Images