Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives - mostly Little BWO - Isolated hatches
2.   Mahogany Duns
3.   Midges - hatching in isolated locations
4.   Little Yellow Stoneflies
5.   Slate Drakes
6.   Cream Cahills - hatching in Isolated locations
7.   Little Yellow Quills
8.   Needle Stoneflies
9.   Beetles
10. Grasshoppers
11. Ants
12. Inch Worms
13. Crane Flies
14. Helligramite
15. Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish

New Low Priced Standard/Generic Flies
We wanted to let you know about several old flies (new for us) that we are now
selling for those of you that want to fish generic or standard trout flies. We are
doing it primarily
to show that we can sell flies as low or lower than anyone
since we are the manufacturer, not a dealer. Dealers, like fly shops and most all
Internet websites, buy their flies from wholesales and distributors and mark them up
for retail sales. We offer them directly to you from us, the manufacturer.

We do something no one else does on everything we sell.
We guarantee your
. If for any reason, you don't like anything you purchase from us, you
can simply return it undamaged within 14 days from the date of purchase and you
will get a full refund of the price you paid.
Yes, it does include shipping
because we don't charge anything for shipping if shipped to any address
within the Continental United States.
If you pay extra for special shipping
services, such as overnight, we don't refund that, of course, but we want you to get
your money back because
we want you to be a satisfied customer. It is that
simple. We are going to be offering a lot more than flies that we manufacturer and
sell direct to you in the near future.  As a matter of fact
we will be introducing 3
new fly boxes within the next week
that are the very best you can buy. Our flies
are not cheaply tied flies. They are hand tied, as all flies are, and tied using quality

These are 9 new dry flies, six of which are Elk Hair Caddis. They come in several
hook sizes each.

These are 12 new nymphs, midges and wet flies. They come in several sizes. Notice
we don't even charge extra for beadheads.

These are 3 (new for us) streamers including the Black Nosed Dace, Natural and
Copper Zonker, and Natural and Pearl Zonker. Notice we don't charge but $.79
each for the large Zonkers.

Although we do offer these and many more low priced generic flies, we still sell our
very own "Perfect Flies" in over 200 patterns. They do cost more. When you buy
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Copyright 2009 James Marsh