Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives - mostly Little BWO - Isolated hatches
2.   Cinnamon Caddis - Mostly Abrams Creek
3    Light Cahills - hatching
4.   Midges - hatching in isolated locations
5.   Little Short-horned Sedges - should hatch randomly for 2-3 months
6.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish
7.   Little Yellow Stoneflies - hatching
8. Green Sedges - hatching
9. Little Sister Caddisflies - Mostly Abrams Creek
10. Eastern Pale Evening Duns - (called Sulfurs by some)
11. Sulphurs - hatching in isolated areas
12. Golden Stonefly - hatching
13. Little Green Stonefly - hatching
14. Slate Drakes - hatching
15. Beetles
16. Grasshoppers

A Sweetwater Deal

Going back even before yesterday's Coy article, back in the "catch fish and eat
them" days, I just happened to remember a trout fishing trip I took that may be of
interest to some of you. At the time, approximately 1971, I was a commercial
general contractor with a few million dollars worth of construction projects
underway, two hundred employees and my own twin engine airplane.

Jim, my pilot, loved to take advantage of me and plan fishing trips where his salary
would "pay him to fish". He was a pretty smart guy. Jim's wife was from Sweetwater
Tennessee and this particular trip was to Sweetwater (at least somewhere very near
there) to fish a spring fed lake full of rainbow trout. I will need help from you as to
exactly where the lake we fished was located because I cannot remember the name
of the lake or the exact location. My wife and I, and Jim and his wife fished from two
small aluminum boats. We caught one rainbow trout after another on spinning rods
and lures. We carried all the trout back home to eat.

Jim's wife's family owned a meat packing plant in Sweetwater called Lumus Packing
Company.  I do remember that although the name may be spelled wrong. I got a
good deal on steaks and hams and Jim used that as his excuse to fly up to
Sweetwater in my plane, using my fuel (to visit his in-laws) on a regular basis to
"save me money". What "A Sweetwater Deal" that was for Jim. If anyone knows the
name and/or history of that lake, I would be interesting in any information you may
have about it.  

I thought of that trip early this morning, again thinking back on what fishing meant to
me back when I was in my early twenties. I made one trip after another all over the
United States, Canada and the Bahamas fishing in those early years.

I'm sure it was not the eating that inspired me to do that although we did either eat
the fish we caught or give them to someone who did. At that time no one every
thought about throwing a fish back in the water. In those days that would have been
more of a sin than a good thing. It was a few years prior to "catch and release"..

I'll get into how "catch and release" came about tomorrow. Thats a story I'll bet
many of you have never heard. The phase of "catch and release" I will write about
tomorrow wasn't well covered by BASS magazine, for sure. I think it may surprise
many of you.

To be continued.......

Copyright James Marsh 2009