Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives - mostly Little BWO - Isolated hatches
2.   Cinnamon Caddis - Mostly Abrams Creek
3    Light Cahills - hatching
4.   Midges - hatching in isolated locations
5.   Little Short-horned Sedges - should hatch randomly for 2-3 months
6.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish
7.   Little Yellow Stoneflies - hatching
8. Green Sedges - hatching
9. Little Sister Caddisflies - Mostly Abrams Creek
10. Eastern Pale Evening Duns - (called Sulfurs by some)
11. Sulphurs - hatching in isolated areas
12. Golden Stonefly - hatching
13. Little Green Stonefly - hatching
14. Slate Drakes - hatching
15. Beetles
16. Grasshoppers

Fishing Versus Catching

Yesterday, I summarized the article I wrote about the current conditions in the
Smokies with a few off-subject statements about "fishing" and "catching". Later I
read what I had written and wondered if anyone understood what I did a lousy job of

I begin to think back over the years about how I felt about fishing and catching when
I was young. I wondered what age I was and what I was doing when it actually
dawned on me that what I really enjoyed wasn't as much to do with how many and
how big of fish I caught, but how I managed to trick the fish into taking my hook. It is
really funny when you stop and think about it. Here is one animal (a human being)
trying to outsmart another animal (a fish), when one's brain is several hundred
times the size of the other one's brain.

In the very early years, I would take them home, clean and eat them. After that I
tried to catch the biggest fish in the water and when I was successful at doing that, I
mounted them and hung them on the walls of my home and office to show others
what I had accomplished. I did a good job of that too. It took the walls of a two very
large rooms just to hang my trophies.

At some point in time, I picked up a magazine with Tom Mann on the cover. I didn't
know Tom then. I just noticed he was from the same state I lived in at the time -
Alabama. That year, Tom's picture was on the front cover of Sports Afield, Outdoor
Life and Field and Stream Magazines. By the way, that has never been
accomplished by anyone other than Tom.  In case your too young to know the
importance of that, the three magazines I am referring to were the three largest
outdoor publications in the world. They may still be as far as I know. Anyway, that
cover shot got my attention. At the time I probably thought - why was this guy on the
cover of the magazine when I had caught many bass larger than that. I don't really
remember. That is just a guess.

One day (probably about 1974 or 1975, I saw another magazine - Bass Anglers
Sportsman Society's, Bassmaster Magazine. There Tom was again. He was on the
cover of it because he was winning bass tournaments. That did it for me. If there
was going to be a competitive "tournament" or a contest about fishing, I was going
to be involved in it. So, I filled out an application and sent Ray Scott my $300.00
entrance fee. I walked up to Tom at the first tournament I ever fished, national or
local, at Santee Cooper Lake in South Carolina and introduced myself. He said at
the end of our short conversation, "Coy, don't you embarrass the Alabama
Delegation". By the way, he never forgot saying that. He called me Coy every once
in a while up until a few days before he passed away.

A year or so after meeting Tom the first time, he told me "Coy" was this boy from a
local bass club in an Alabama town that had out fished his club members for an
entire year. Coy had won his entrance fee and all expenses to fish a "national BASS
tournament". Everyone thought Coy would win the big tournament. After all, he had
beat all of them for the year and they - well, they were as good as bass fisherman
can be - the best. In reality, they were the guys that Ray Scott had figured out
would bet their last dollar they could out fish anyone else.

Anyway, all the members of Coy's Bass Club traveled to see him win the big one.
The first day of the tournament, Coy blanked. He didn't catch a keeper bass. He
walked through the line with an empty bag. Several of the members of Coy's club
ran up to him and Tom Mann overhead them say - "Coy, daxxxxx't, don't you
embarrass the Alabama delegation". That was Tom's little joke when he told me
"don't embarrass the Alabama delegation".

To be continued

Copyright James Marsh 2009