Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives - mostly Little BWO - Isolated hatches
2.   Giant Black Stoneflies - hatching
3.   Cinnamon Caddis - Mostly Abrams Creek
4    Light Cahills - hatching
5.   Midges - hatching in isolated locations
6.   Little Short-horned Sedges - should hatch randomly for 2-3 months
7.   American March Browns - hatching but randomly in isolated locations
8.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish
9.   Little Yellow Stoneflies - hatching
10. Green Sedges - hatching
11. Little Sister Caddisflies - Mostly Abrams Creek
12. Eastern Pale Evening Duns - (called Sulfurs by some)
13. Sulphurs - hatching in isolated areas
14. Golden Stonefly - hatching
15. Little Green Stonefly - hatching
16. Slate Drakes - hatching

Fishing Conditions Update:

There are going to be a lot of changes taking place fast in the fishing conditions
in Great Smoky Mountains National Park over the next few days. In fact, they have
already started taking place.

weather has turned hot as expected for this time of the year. Yesterday
brought temperatures in the low 90's in the lower elevations. The water temperature
is rising fast. The fishing activity in the lower elevations will soon be a mater of
history until the middle of October.

If you look above, you will see a lot of hatches listed - the most that will ever be
listed. This has been the case for the last several days but that too will change very
fast. The number will go down rapidly. I need to drop the Giant Black Stoneflies
now. The hatch is over.

The BWO's are sparse hatches of Little BWOs (none
baetis species) of little
importance. The Cinnamon Sedges and Little Sister Caddis are mostly confined to
Abrams Creek although there are a few here and there. The Little Short-Horned
Sedges are about done. The March Browns are almost history. It could last a few
more days in the high elevations.

The Pale Evening Duns and Sulphurs are still hatching in the mid-afternoons but
they are isolated to the slower water areas. The Green Sedges are hatching
throughout the mid -afternoon and depositing their eggs just before dark.  

The Little Green Stoneflies, Little Yellow Stoneflies (Yellow Sallys) and Golden
Stoneflies will continue to hatch during the nights
. The egg laying activity is
happening big time each evening near dark. Nymphs work great in the late
afternoon and early, early mornings.

The Slate Drake mayflies are just starting to hatch and will last off and on for three
months or more. The will hatch randomly during the evenings and deposit their
eggs just before dark.

Beetles and grass hoppers are getting large and plentiful and will become a factor
in the trout's diet soon. Crickets, ants and inch worms (moth larvae) will become a
factor within the next couple of weeks. The carpenter ants are getting about a
quarter of an inch long.
Within a short time in the near future, the mayflies
and caddisflies will be limited to a very few species.

Fishing is fine throughout the day. We have gone once in the early morning and
managed to catch a bunch in a couple of hours. We went one afternoon late for a
couple of hours and did the same thing on the mayfly spinner fall and stonefly and
caddis ovipositing. Yesterday we fished the middle of the afternoon at the mid
elevation on Little Pigeon and caught several on Light Cahill emergers. All in all, we
haven't fished over six hours during the last two weeks but we have caught a lot of
trout. As with any other fishing report, this is just some more worthless information
as far as being a help to you because conditions change fast.

One of my readers reminded me by email to stop stating numbers of fish caught. He
said it was making the old guys like him look bad. I guess he doesn't realize that I
am old guy. We log our video digitally each day we fish and we never fish without a
camera, or otherwise, I wouldn't know what we caught in numbers. I have been very
busy with my mother who has been in the hospital in North Alabama until yesterday
and with our new Perfect Fly expansion into manufacturing fly fishing gear.

During the past couple of months, a few of our readers have asked about our site
visitors. I can tell you that around an average of 1500 people per day read our daily
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There are many more who visit the website and don't read the daily post. For
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All together, we feel like our four sites reach as many or many even more fly fishing
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