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Quill Gordon - Fly Pattern Colors

Fly Patterns: Clinger Nymph
Hook: 12-14
Thread: Olive Brown         
Tails: Dark Olive Brown        
Abdomen: Olive Brown
Thorax: Olive Brown
Wing Case: Dark. Brown
Legs: Olive Brown

Emerging Nymph: Wet Fly
Hook: 12-14
Thread: Mahogany
Tail: Mahogany
Body: Olive Mahogany
Thorax: Olive Mahogany
Legs: Dark Brown

Hook: 12-14
Thread:  Mahogany
Tail: Mahogany
Body: Olive Mahogany
Thorax:Olive Mahogany
Wings: Slate Gray
Legs: Grayish Tan

Hook: 12-14
Thread: Dark Brown
Tail: Dark Brown
Abdomen: Olive Mahogany                    
Thorax: Dark Brown        
Wings: Translucent
Wing Case: Dark Brown
Legs: Grayish Tan

Commercial Fly Patterns:
These are some commercially available flies for the Quill Gordon. There is no
specific imitation for the nymph as far as we know. Some of the mahogany
colored soft hackle flies may also work for the emerger.

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