Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.   Blue-winged Olives - mostly Little BWO - Isolated hatches
2.   Giant Black Stoneflies - starting any day, nymphs active
3.   Hendricksons - hatching
4.   Cinnamon Caddis - Mostly Abrams Creek
5    Light Cahills - Starting any day
6.   Midges - hatching in isolated locations
7.   Little Short-horned Sedges - should hatch randomly for 2-3 months
8.   American March Browns - hatching
9.   Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish
10. Little Yellow Stoneflies - hatching
11. Eastern Green Drakes - starting any day Abrams Creek
12. Green Sedges - hatching

Some Announcements We Are Excited About:

You would think I would wait until I had pictures of them to show you and post to our
websites but I just can't wait. I have to tell you now about some news that is exciting
to me (but probably not to anyone else in the World other than the people who work
for me).

Our New Inchworm Fly:
To start with, yesterday, I received my tenth version of our inch worm fly, or loop
worm fly, whichever name you prefer. Those are the little green - yellow worms you
will see within the next month or two that hang from the tree limbs and fall in the
water, if they happen to be over the water. They are imitated with loop worm flies,
inch worm flies and locally, the Green Weenie fly. Not that there is anything wrong
with simple flies but these are usually nothing more than a piece of chenille
wrapped around a hook. The little loop in the tail makes the fly's tail wiggle and has
the effect of impressing the heck out of some anglers who like flashy presentations.
However, they would probably work better if they cut the tails off of them. The loop
is actually just a convenient way of ending the wrap.

Anyway, we have been working on a Perfect Fly imitation of the inch worm and after
the fifty-sixth try or something like that, we now have a fly I think closely resembles
the real caterpillars and one that is very durable. I will be posting images of them
soon and adding them to our Perfect Fly website.

Adult Cranefly:
We also have a new cranefly fly that I think is by far the closest imitation ever of the
very plentiful adult craneflies that are found where ever there is water. I think this fly
will be great for trout as well as other species of fish. We feel like many of them will
be destroyed by anglers swatting them thinking they are the real things.

Cranefly Larva Fly:
Trout eat far more cranefly larvae than they do the adult flies. Our new Perfect Fly
Canefly Larva closely imitates the real things. We expect a lot from this fly.

Black Fly Larva:
Although the Black Fly exist in many trout streams, you hear very little about it
anywhere other than the South Holston Tailwater. The Simuliidae family members
not only represents a large part of the trout's diet, imitations of them catch trout.
We now have a Perfect Fly imitation of it (along with the pupa and adults) that you
can order. I will have these posted and online shortly.

Black Fly Pupa:
You will just have to see it and more importantly, use it.

Black Fly Adult:
Our new flies look so much like the real things you want allow them on your skin.
You will be afraid they will suck the blood out of you like the real ones.

Now the Big News:

So much for the new flies, let me tell you about just some of our other new products
that will be introduced to the market very shortly. Feel free to guess where this is
going. You will most likely be correct.

New "Perfect Fly" Leaders:
Within the next month or less, we will have our new mono, preformed, tappered
leaders available. This is a result of over two years of planning and design. These
are not just someone else's leaders that we are packaging or putting our name on.
These were designed and tested by yours truly. I wanted to simplify leaders in the
fly fishing industry, not try to fool anglers with fifty new leaders with names such as
Carp Leader, Shooting taper leader, Bream Leader, Pinpoint cast leader and any
number of other stupid names I could make up.
Rio should have hired me to do their marketing
long ago. I could come up with a hundred more names to put of a few simple leaders so similar to each other
(and the same thing in some cases) that would "dazzle" the fly angler and make him think he really needed it.
Monofilament (nylon) is either soft or hard (or somewhere in between) and difficult
to stretch or easy to stretch (or somewhere in between) (elasticity). That makes it
subject to being harmed by abrasion or not, etc, etc, etc. I choose what I think is the
right compromise for leaders used for trout. They also happen to work well for
several other species of fish. I also tested several different tapers from various
proto types. These leader are being manufactured to our exact specifications.
These will come in 9 foot and 12 foot lengths and several sizes or strengths.  

New "Perfect Fly" Clear Braided Leaders:
We expect these to sell like hot cakes do in Pigeon Forge. The manner in which
they present a fly is incredible. You want have to worry about straightening out the
leader again. All you do is add tippet and you can use our Braided Leaders again
and again. These will be available in two lengths. These are being manufactured as
I write this.

New "Perfect Fly " Mono Tippet:
Our new mono tippet material will come in several sizes (strengths) and unlike most
tippet material, will be sold at a reasonable price. By the way, you will save money
on just about all of our new material because you will be buying it DIRECT FROM
THE MANUFACTURER, PERFECT FLY. The main thing I was concerned with here
is the diameter versus strength and the softness/hardness factor. I think I settled on
the best nylon mono for trout tippets.

New "Perfect Fly" Fly Boxes:
Oh Yes, I almost forgot a very big thing. Our own "Perfect Fly" fly boxes. These are
being manufactured to our exact specifications and will result in the
best fly boxes
money can buy. I have been using proto types of the final design for several
months. There are two basic designs, both of which are
completely waterproof.
There will be two sizes of our new
"TwoClear" Perfect Fly boxes. They have two
clear sides, front and back, so you can see the flies inside and two choices on the
type of fly holding slits.
Our other design is a solid case fly box that is extremely durable and totally
waterproof. These boxes will come in two size and options on the fly holding inserts.
The larger one is suited for large streamers and larger saltwater flies.  

I could reveal more but I better shut up. There will be more to come in the near

I do want to take the time to thank you. Those of you that have purchased our DVD
and Perfect Flies and those of you who have just visited our websites - this one as
well as our DVD, Perfect Fly and Yellowstone websites. Angie and I both thank you
to the bottom of our hearts. Without you support, none of this would be possible.
Thanks to all of you and may God Bless you.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh