Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1. Blue-winged Olives (Baetis) - sparse hatches
2. Blue Quills - hatching
3. Quill Gordons - hatching
4. Hendricksons - could start within a couple more weeks
5. Little Black Caddis - hatching
6. Winter Stoneflies - sparse hatches
7. Little Brown Stoneflies - hatching
8. Midges - hatching in isolated locations
9. Streamers - matching sculpin, baitfish and small crawfish

Fishing Forecast for the Smokies

Looking at the weather maps and forecast, I don't see how it could not do anything
but rain today and on into tomorrow morning. It is the steady, soaking kind of rain
right now and if it stays that way, it should provide a good dose of water for the
mountains. Of course that is not the best news for anyone that came here to fish
this weekend but I doubt there are many who did. I am sure the locals will be out
today and especially tomorrow. It should warm back up into the high fifties in the
park tomorrow afternoon. The lows for the past few days were not as cold as they
were predicting a few days ago. I doubt that it had much effect on the hatches. It
didn't change the situation in the areas of the streams where hatches had already
started. It probably delayed hatches in the upper elevations where the bugs had
not started to come off but in general, I think it will have little effect. All in all, the fly
fishing conditions have continued to be very good. The first three work days of this
week and most of last week were excellent.

Today wouldn't be a bad day for those who don't mind the rain. I actually enjoy
fishing in the rain as long as it doesn't continue day in and day out. They are
forecasting as much as an inch of rain today and that could bring the streams up to
the point that streamers could well turn out to be the best option. If there are some
breaks in the rain, it may turn out that a dry fly would even produce. The water is a
little on the cold side but there should be a lot of cripples because of the change in
the weather. Of course you can't very well fish a small dry fly in a downpour.

What I can say with as much certainty as would ever be possible, is that
next week
should be an absolute great week for fly fishing the Smokies
. The weather
guys and gals are forecasting highs in the sixties and lows in the forties for most of
next week. It doesn't get any better than that. If it is possible for you to break away
and fish next week, you would be fishing when the catching should be as easy as it
will ever get.

I never get up much for the prime conditions. I just as soon fish when conditions are
not good as long as it changes back and forth and I get a break from the tough
times every once in a while. I enjoy the challenges of trying to catch them when
others want even try. On the other hand, if I were going to make a long trip, or
maybe have to use my vacation time to fish, I doubt that would be the case. I would
rather conditions were great. I suppose being able to walk out the door and go
fishing changes your perspective on it a little.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh