Insects and other food the trout may be eating:
1. Blue-winged Olives (Baetis)
2. Blue Quills
3. Quill Gordons
4. Little Black Caddis
5. Winter Stoneflies
6. Midges
7. Streamers

Perfect Fly Store Now Complete (Fly Wise):

It was my objective this day last year (my birthday) to have all of the Perfect Fly
patterns we have designed in stock and available for anyone to purchase by today.
We accomplished that this past week. I posted images of the remaining four adult
caddisflies that were missing from stock.

Not being in the fly business very long, I anticipated a number of surprises that
would come about. Things like selling out of flies that we didn't think would sell very
well or not selling some of those we did think would sell well, etc. Anyone in
business always tries to anticipate what will come about but the only thing that has
happened so far is that what we expected to happen didn't and what we didn't
expect to happen did. Sounds almost like the same excuses those folks running our
economy are using or maybe, not admitting, would be a better phrase. Thank
goodness, the surprises in the fly business are not critical. The surprises just show
you that even though you think you know something about fishing, you don't always
know what people are going to do and you don't always know near as much as you
may think you do. Here are some of the unanticipated things that have already

One of the first flies we sold out of (last week) was the adult Skwala stoneflies. I
should have know that because they are the first stoneflies to hatch in the West. I
doubled what I call our normal base stock for this fly (6 dozen) and they didn't last a
month from the time we got them in. I will pay for that because I am having more
expressed in to arrive the first of next week. They are being tied now.

The Hendricksons haven't begin to hatch anywhere and are behind several other
eastern mayflies that will hatch but that didn't stop us from running out of size 12,
male spinners a couple of weeks ago, before we got our additional stock in place.
Okay, I guess that error on my part is due to the popularity of this particular fly.
Thank goodness, I got those in last week and they are now huge numbers in stock.

This past week, anticipating orders for early season Eastern hatches, we again
were surprised by getting several large orders for our bream flies. Okay, I guess I
forgot that the bream have already been on the bed in South Florida and will be
spawning near the Smokies by June. That excuse would work, except for one thing.
Most of the orders came from northern states like Michigan and New York.

Only because of the fact I have sold videos and DVD for years would I know this
one, but maybe you wouldn't, so I will mention it. My first two large orders of over
$100.00 for flies came from California. I did anticipate that, I just didn't have a clue
as to what they would order. That was normal except that one order was for flies
that were obviously for Eastern hatches. I guess I forgot western folks can come to
the East to fish. I maybe guilty of thinking it is always just the opposite.

By the way, I am only discussing freshwater flies in this article. I am not including
orders for our saltwater flies. They were heavy up until about the end of last year
and have slacked off some now. The big thing there was stripped saltwater bass,
(not landlocked ones) but I did anticipate that one correctly.

Three large orders came from gentlemen that are teaching fly fishing. That has
been a very good surprise to us and we have given those guys a lot of help on the
cost of both our DVD and flies. They are posting one of each fly on a foam board to
help teach "beginners" the bugs trout eat. That part was funny to me. I know many
anglers that have been fishing for years that need to look at their boards.

Oh, well, I am sure I have bored most of you. I just thought that some of you may be
interested in knowing how things are going with our Perfect Flies. Maybe I am just
proud of having all the flies I intended to have although we will always be adding
new patterns. Maybe I am just bragging. I am only certain of one thing. The biggest
surprises are yet to come because we only started stocking some of the flies last
August. In other words we haven't sold flies during the main fishing season. I just
hope my big surprise isn't that I end up with thousands of unsold flies. So far, it has
been going right the opposite of that thanks to you, the people that keep in touch
with our websites.

One final comment that has nothing to do with flies but has a heck of a lot to do with
the Perfect Fly Store. We are now fishing with
prototypes of our own fly rods, fly
reels, fly line, fly boxes, braided and poly leaders.
It has taken a very long
time to get to this point and we still have a long way to go but if the good Lord is
willing and the creek don't rise, we will get there.

If any of you are having tough times, just remember that "when the storm clouds
gets the darkest, the sun is going to shine". Oh, by the way, they say the best day
to start a business is the last day of a recession.

I;ll get back to fishing tomorrow.

Copyright 2009 James Marsh