New Website Section:

I hope you have noticed that we have added a new section to the site about a
month ago. It is called
"Planning". There is a link at the top of all main pages.

The fly-fishing planning portion of the section is now complete. You can see
to expect each month
from the fishing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

You can also get some tips and information on what to bring with you including
wading gear, fly fishing tackle and gear, misc. gear and clothing, and what
to bring for specific times of the year.

There is a section on
fishing license and regulations with links for obtaining

Many new to the Smokies like
specific monthly suggestions as to where to
In the "Places to Fish" section, we recommend specific streams and areas of
streams to fish each month of the year.

As you can see, there will be many other things added to this section. It will include
the many other things that you and your family and friends can do in the Smokies.

Flies to Bring With You:
This new fly section of the site lets you determine exactly which flies you
to have when you fish the Smokies for any specific date you are fishing the

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