I doubt that many of you will be traveling to and fishing the Smokies to fish this month although I
hope you do.  January and the first part of February is probably the coldest time of the year and
you will have to pick out the better days to expect much success fishing the freestone streams.
By the end of February, everyone will be doing their best to force the bugs to hatch and the trout to
respond even though they will probably have to wait a few more days to see any surface action.
That considered, I thought I would write about some fishing trips we have made to various other
destinations. Don't expect these articles to win any awards, just tell you about some things I
hope you will find interesting and a few that I look back on with a gleam in my eye.

Fly Fishing "Fishing Creek", Pennsylvania - Part 2

Fishing Creek is certainly one of if not the best trout stream in Pennsylvania. It does
have some problems, some of which are inherent with being a good trout stream. It
is an extremely popular destination, not for just the locals but for others coming to
test the fine fishing in central Pennsylvania. This area is at its peak just prior to the
beginning of the peak of the season of the western streams in the Yellowstone
area. To put it bluntly, it can be very crowded especially in the "Narrows".

The last time Angie and I fished "Fishing Creek" we started in the "Narrows". We
noticed it was not crowded even though it was during the prime season. What a
relief we thought. What we didn't notice was the sign on a tree very close to us.
Well, we did notice the sign, we just thought it was the normal catch and release
notice and didn't read it. Very shortly after we started fishing, a car pulled up and a
gentleman got out and asked about the special "Sunday" fishing regulation. I didn't
have a clue what he was asking about. He was really just being nice and pointing
out that just above us was a sign that said "no fishing on Sunday". It was Sunday
afternoon. My first thoughts were that my mother had been put in charge of the
regulations. She used to say "no fishing on Sunday". The only way I got away with it
was by going to church first. It turned out that we were just below where that rule
took effect, or at least i think we were. Anyway, we stopped fishing and moved
downstream in another section of Fishing Creek.

The first time we ever fished Fishing Creek was near the end of August several
years ago. We fished the "narrows" then after we finally found that section of the
stream. I thought it was beautiful and must have a trout behind every rock. Well, it
may have but they didn't want to take my flies and the result was that Angie caught
one small brown trout and I didn't catch a single trout in over three hours of fishing.
The water was quite low but still very cool. There are some deep holes along the
pocket water section in the Narrows. It looks much like Little River in its upper parts,
that is if you ignore the cloud of fog lying low over the water and begin to look
closely at the water. It is pure spring water and it is slick.

The following day, we went back to the Narrows and I managed to catch three nice
brown trout in about three hours of fishing. They were between twelve and fourteen
inches long. The action was slow and I had to fish a small Blue-winged Olive nymph
imitation to do that.

I fish this area of Fishing Creek exactly like I fish the upper Little River in Great
Smoky Mountains National Park. I fish in an upstream direction making a lot of short
cast. I don't use a strike indicator. I just weight the fly a few inches above it with split
shot until I get the right amount of weight to keep in near the bottom. I don't use the
"high stickin" method. That doesn't work very well in Fishing Creek, especially
during the low water times. I simply cast up and across and watch and feel the line
to detect the takes.

We moved on after that to another Pennsylvania stream. Tomorrow I will tell you
about the second trip we made to Fishing Creek a couple of years after that. It
turned out to be much better. I will also get into the many hatches that occurs on
this fine trout stream.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh
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