Year 2008 In Review:

Fly fishing isn't limited to the fun of fooling, hooking, fighting and releasing fish. One
of the most rewarding things about it is that it takes you away from the fast pace of
everyday life and puts you in a beautiful setting where you are directly involved with
nature. It takes your mind off of problems such as financial issues. For a few
enjoyable moments you can just stare at your fly drifting down a current seam,
watch for a trout to rise, and simply relax.

The year 2008 has not been a good one for many people, probably even most
people. I don't need to outline the reasons why. You cannot turn a television or a
radio on; pick up a newspaper or magazine; or even carry on a conversation
without the economy coming up.

In spite of that, we have some
good news to report. We have been blessed
because our sales at Fly Fishing DVD
increased in 2008 by 35%. In fact, sells
have increased every year since we started ten years ago by at least that amount
and much more some years.

When we released
"Fly Fishing Great Smoky Mountains National Park" about a
year and a half ago, and
"Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park" a few months
later, they were the first fishing videos I know of that were priced at
$49.95 each.
Quite frankly, I was worried that they may not sell at that price. I knew I was offering
4 hours of video on 2 disc and when compared to the price of our other DVD, it was
lower on a cost per time basis. Even so, I was still concerned that anglers would not
tend to spend that amount for a fishing video.

Our "Fly Fishing Yellowstone" DVD sold over a 1,000 copies in less than a
year of its release
and is still selling that well or better. Our "Fly Fishing Smoky
Mountains" DVD
did almost that good but it has been out a few months longer.  

Now don't get me wrong. That is not setting any records in DVD sales by any
means. It isn't but a small percentage of what some of the other non-flyfishing
videos I have produced have sold but for the fly-fishing market, I think it is doing
well. I seriously doubt any fly-fishing video by anyone outsold either of them last
year even though they were priced much higher.  I know that many of you that
frequently check on our websites have purchased these videos (and our other 16
programs on fly fishing) and
I want to thank you. Angie and I both appreciate your
support. We hope that the programs were well worth your time and that you gained
far more than you put into the programs.

There is much more to our good news for 2008. In August of 2008, we started
Perfect Fly Store". I expected that it would take at least a year just to get all of our
flies in stock and shown on the website. I expected that sales would be nearly
nothing until our site had been up for at least the first year. I didn't think any flies
would sell until near the beginning of the 2009 fly fishing season. That thinking
resulted in my next pleasant surprise for the year 2008.
We actually sold out of a
few of the fly patterns
. Even better, It appears we will have all of our patterns
in stock within the next two to three weeks
. That includes over 180 different
mayfly patterns plus hundred of new stoneflies, caddisflies and other trout fly
patterns. It also includes dozens of new flies for other freshwater species and
several dozen new flies for saltwater fly fishing. It will include all of the flies that we
have worked on for the last ten years and all that we intend to initially release.

What you see now on the "Perfect Fly" store site is
just the tip of the iceberg.
Flies are not the only thing we have been designing or the only thing we are
manufacturing. They are not the only thing that will be available to you in the future.

Many of you have already purchased some of our "Perfect Flies".
We want to
thank you.
Thank you for checking out our websites, whether you purchase
anything or not. We want them to be the
most informative websites on the
related subjects of fly fishing there are.

We have been collecting mailing (postal & electronic) information from our video
customers for a few years now. That amounts to several thousand anglers. We
have also accumulated both physical and email addresses from visitors to our
websites from those that have signed up. Over 1800 people have already signed
up on this particular website. If you haven't done so, we want to encourage you to
do so. You have a choice. You can sign up for both U.S. Mail and electronic mail
(email) or email only. We do not share any of the information with anyone else. Our
only objective is to be able to send you our physical and/or electronic mail.  

May God bless all of you and may 2009 be your best year ever.
Happy New Year!

Angie and James Marsh

Copyright 2008 James Marsh