Since this is the holidays, most of you will probably be staying home or visiting friends and family
during the coming days. I doubt that many of you will be traveling to and fishing the Smokies
although I hope you do.  January and the first part of February is probably the coldest time of the
year and you will have to pick out the better days to expect much success fishing the freestone
streams. By the end of February, everyone will be doing their best to force the bugs to hatch and
the trout to respond even though they will probably have to wait a few more days to see any
surface action. That considered, I thought I would write about some fishing trips we have made
to various other destinations. Don't expect these articles to win any awards, just tell you about
some things I hope you will find interesting and a few that I look back on with a gleam in my eye.

Some Additional Notes and Corrections:

I have noticed some differences or actually, additions to what I reported for two of
the streams I recently covered: The current regulations are noted below directly
from the Virginia state website:

South Fork Holston River (Smyth County)
This section of the South Fork Holston River lies within the boundaries of VDGIF's
Buller Fish Hatchery. From the concrete dam downstream to the lower boundary of
the hatchery property, only artificial lures with single hooks may be used and all
trout caught must be released. This special regulation section of stream provides
an excellent opportunity to catch trout of trophy size. Access can be gained through
the Buller Fish Hatchery property off Route 650, south of Marion.

I failed to mention that the above area is a Virginia Special Regulations Area.

Whitetop Laurel/Green Cove Creeks (Washington County)
The special regulation area includes two sections. Prior to 1999, the lower mile of
Green Cove Creek plus Whitetop Laurel Creek (to the first bridge above the village
of Taylors Valley) made up the special regulation area. In 1999, an additional
section (that extends from the Forest Service boundary below Taylors Valley, 2
miles downstream to the mouth of Straight Creek) was added. There remains a
section of catchable, trout stocked water without special regulations through the
village of Taylors Valley. Whitetop Laurel is one of Virginia's largest and most
beautiful wild trout streams. Wild rainbow trout dominate, with most adults in the
7-14 inch class. A few wild brown trout provide occasional trophy fish. The special
regulation area is located east of Damascus (near the Tennessee line) and lies
within the Mount Rogers Recreation Area. Minimum size limit in this section is 12

I failed to mention

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