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Winter Stoneflies:

Adult Stonefly Presentation:
You may want to try an imitation of the adult if you see females depositing their
eggs. Again, we have experienced no action from fishing adult patterns of winter
stoneflies. If you have, please
The reason for this is probably that most of the time the adults are depositing
their eggs, the water is too cold for the trout to feed on the surface. If the water
temperature is less than 45 degrees F., they probably won't feed on the surface.
Often when the Winter Stoneflies are hatching, it is that cold and colder. If the
water warms up during a hatch, then the trout may feed on the egg layers on the
surface, so if you are fishing during the winter, you should always keep this in

Winter Stonefly Fly Patterns:
We have not yet developed a "Perfect Fly" pattern for the Winter Stonefly
nymphs or adults. We think the best generic pattern would be a
.Just remember to keep them small. All winter stoneflies are less than
one-half inch long. I would suggest a hook size 18, not larger than a 16. If you tie
your own, just remember to make the tails longer than they are on the normal
stonefly nymphs. Oliver Edwards
"Little Black Stonefly" is another acceptable

The single biggest advantage of fishing a small imitation of the winter fly nymph
is that it works well for the many other species of other families of stonefly
nymphs, even those that live for 2 or 3 years but are in their early stages of life
or instar development. The stonefly nymph is always a good choice for early
season, cold water fishing. Keep it
on the bottom (because they crawl on the
bottom to the bank) and bring it
back to the bank (where they crawl out and

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Note the long
antenna (one
broken) and
long tails