Bream, Shellcrackers Flies and More New Trout Flies

The "Perfect Flies" we now have for Bream and Panfish are only a few of what is
coming soon. Some of them are improved versions of the same flies I fished on the
numerous farm ponds that were near my home when I was growing up. Of course I
used the standard balsa wood popping bugs but the flies that I remember that
worked best for bream were the little rubber legged ants, spiders and crickets.

So far my attempts to improve those older flies hasn't worked out as well as I
expected. I'm certain the samples I have had tied will work as well as the flies I used
many years ago. I just think they could be better. Sometimes the fly samples turn
out great from an appearance standpoint but don't turn out to be as effective or as
durable as I anticipated they would. I have been going through the process of
testing new flies for the last seven years.

Like fishing lures, many flies are tied to
catch "anglers", not necessarily fish. For
example, I recently noticed a Yellow Stonefly Nymph that is being carried by many
fly shops. It's name implies it imitates nymphs of the Little Yellow Stonefly family
such as a Yellow Sally. It is yellow alright, and that is the dead give away.
Yellow stonefly nymphs are not yellow.
The nymphs of most species in the
Little Yellow family of stoneflies are brown. A few species of them have some minor
yellow markings but the basic color is brown, not yellow.

The nymph I am referring too will fool many anglers into thinking they are imitating a
Yellow Stonefly or Yellow Sally nymph. I am sure the nymph will catch
opportunistically feeding trout but I would not want to fish it during a Little Yellow
stonefly hatch. It would be the only yellow nymph the fish would see.

I doubt that the fly company that sells it knows or cares what color real Yellow
Stonefly nymphs are. After all, it is a "yellow" nymph - very yellow. Notice I said "the
fly company that sells it", not the "fly company that makes it". The particular fly
company I am referring to and
most all of the fly companies that sell to the fly
shops and the big box stores don't tie anything.
They have them tied in
foreign countries
by people who probably have never even seen a fish. I could
give dozens of other examples of flies that were obviously tied to impress anglers
more than to catch fish.

There will be a few more "Perfect Fly" patterns that come out before the bream and
shellcracker season gets into full swing next spring. By the way, the last week of this
month, I will also have several new flies available for trout including imitations of all
the adult caddisflies , all the stonefly nymphs and adults, two new crawfish flies and
several other new flies. They will complete all of our patterns for trout, meaning we
will have a specific fly pattern for most every major food item that trout feed on.

Tomorrow I will have an update on the rain we have been getting in Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. Following that I will continue with more destinations for
trout starting with the headwaters of the South Holston River or the South Fork of
the Holston River in Virginia.

Copyright 2008 James Marsh